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These fans enjoyed the weekend! Photo: ESPN/X Games

The X Games wrapped last Monday, and over the course of this week we've absorbed all the highlights and reaction.

It was a pretty big one, with plenty going on all round and some exciting new faces introduced to the big time.

But don't worry if you missed it (or couldn't be arsed paying ESPN for the live-stream on a sunny weekend) cos we've distilled the most exciting and interesting moments for you here.

Here are 7 things we learned from the X Games.

[part title="Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki is A Nutter!"]

Aaron Homoki, the man better known as Jaws, is pretty much our favourite skater in the world to watch right now.

Not only does he go absolutely massive every time he steps on a board, but he also thought that rather than taking the X Games street comp too seriously, he'd have a bit of a laugh.

As he put it: "I didn’t land my lines like I wanted so I thought, ‘Why not please the crowd?’"

What a lad!

[part title="BMX Vert Is Like Dad's Army"]

As stoked as we were to see Brit Jamie Bestwick topping the podium for a rad-donkulous 9th time, what was definitely noticeable was how old the field was.

All three medallists were over 40, making it the oldest ever X Games podium, with a combined age of over 120 years old. I don't know what the average would be, but I'd bet it's not often more than 75.

The result was so noticeable that even X Games organisers ESPN (who are usually overwhelmingly positive with all their X Games coverage) wrote an article wondering whether BMX vert had a future.

I guess that remains to be seen.

[part title="Kids Can Win Gold Medals"]

In contrast to the BMX event, this year's skateboard vert and big air were dominated by the younger generation.

Jimmy Wilkins ended the years of dominance by older riders like Bucky Lasek and Pierre-Luc Gagnon by becoming the youngest skater ever to take X Games vert gold at 20 years old.

But it was in the skateboard big air event where the trend was really remarkable. While original riders like Mr Burnquist were there, it was 14-year-old Tom Schaar who took the top spot, becoming one of the youngest people ever to win an X Games gold in the process.

Is the future of competitive skating in good hands?

[part title="Nyjah Huston Is Basically Unbeatable"]

A look at the skateboard street event would suggest it is. Or at the very least, in capable hands. The teenaged prodigy that is Nyjah Huston is, it seems, pretty much unstoppable.

His legendarily calm demeanour and his insane bag of super-technical, almost robotically perfect tricks earned him yet another X Games gold last weekend when he won the street comp for a record 6th time.

Having won more prize money than any other skater ever last year, he'll no doubt dominate the Street League Skating championship again this season.

Is he unbeatable? It's a question P-rod, Sheckler and the rest must be asking themselves...

[part title="There Are Some Pretty Crazy Sports Out There"]

The X Games has allowed in some pretty odd sports over the years (since when was "barefoot waterskiing long jump" an action sport?) and this year was no exception.

But while the debut of professional video gaming attracted most of the attention in the build-up, it was this monster truck racing - also included for the first time - that had us scratching our heads in the aftermath.

It's just... well, mental really isn't it?

[part title="Lacey Baker Is a Better Skater Than We'll Ever Be"]

As a man you might find it emasculating to admit but Lacey Baker is a probably better skater than you'll ever be.

Not only does she have an impressively big bag of tricks, but she's also got a hell of a lot of style. Which unfortunately is something we've never had.

[part title="BMX Dirt is Gnarly As Hell"]

For some reason BMX Dirt wasn't included in the programme of the several US X Games before this one.

We have no idea why, because it's absolutely mental and even if you don't know the first thing about BMX it's awesome to watch.

Let's hope this stays a firm part of the programme in future.

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