Finally, an action sport that your dad could beat you at!

A couple of years back Goldenboy (aka German skateboard Alex 'Sigi' Siegfried)  had a laugh dropping the little edit above.

The clip has been doing the rounds on the internet again recently but as it turns out that this sport is not the invention of one bonkers German guy - it's actually Britain's fault.

sun co uk

Perhaps unsurprisingly this bizarre mashup of skating, BMX and horticultural machinery was invented in good old Blighty, where donning your wellies and pushing stuff round the garden aboard your trusty, rusty steed is already pretty much a national sport.

Way back in the noughties Jude and Dan Sharpe, two builder cousins from Oswestry, Shropshire created freestyle wheelbarrowing while messing around at work. It got some news coverage at the time with the lads even heading off to train Kiwi actors for a national beer commercial and it seems to have been ticking over quite nicely ever since.

It turns out that Sigi's not the only the only one having fun on one wheel because there are barrowers all over the place from France... Spain...

…and even the US

So watch this space because pretty soon your dad might be rocking a Monster snapback and Red Bull overalls while fending off teenage groupies in your back garden!

Or maybe not.

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