Have you ever wondered how good it'd be to part of the Nitro Circus Crew? Just think of the benefits for a second...

You get to make a living our of arsing around on bikes, you travel all over the world, get cheered on by stadiums packed with fans while you're doing your day job, and spend your down time handing out with the likes of Travis Pastrana.

Pretty sweet, right?

Sadly, if you want those rewards, you have to pay your dues. And more often than not, that comes in the form of breaks, dislocations and tears.

Photo: iStock

Chatting to amBADASSador (a name no man should self apply), Travy P and the boys take you through a list of all the damage they've sustained over the years.

Along with Pastrana admitting that he'd pretty much made unwanted medical history, a particular highlight is Aussie Matty Whyatt insisting that he's dislocated 30 shoulders. Quite an achievement given most of us only ever start with two.

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