Photo: ESPN Body Issue (via Cooler).

Famous action sports people regularly do stuff that's so impressive, we often wonder whether they're even human like the rest of us. By stripping off their clothes for the latest ESPN Body Issue many of them have, at the very least, proved that they have a layer of skin over their highly advanced robot skeletons (robot skeletons are merely conjecture, at this time).

Leticia Bufoni, a 22-year-old street skater from Brazil, is one of the latest action sports people to strip down to their birthday suits for ESPN. Bufoni, who has seven X Games medals to her name, told ESPN in an interview that she's "...going to skate forever." Presumably, while wearing clothes.

"Leticia one of the latest action sports people to strip down to their birthday suits for ESPN."

We're still not entirely sure what the primary purpose of this annual flesh-fest is. ESPN say it's about showing off athlete's physiques, but we can't help but feel that it's probably got something to do with jacking up magazine sales. As the old mantra goes, "sex-sells."

If you're interested in browsing some content from this year's Body Issue, feel free to check out the images below. There's a mixture of sports, and a fair bit of nudity; so if you're looking at this post in the have been warned (about the nudity, that is).

Photo: ESPN.
Wakeboarder - Dallas Friday//Photo: ESPN.
Surfing - Laird Hamilton, Gabrielle Reece//Photo: ESPN.
Hammer - Amanda Bingson//Photo: ESPN.
Gymnast - Aly Raisman//Photo: ESPN.

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