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What better way to get pumped for the X Games than by checking out photos from previous years, taking in some truly momentous occasions.

The event has produced some insane shots, and it gets bigger and bigger every time. Who knows what the 2014 X Games from Austin, Texas holds for the world's best riders?

[part title="Munich Mega-Ramp, X Games 2013"]

Check out the view as you drop in to the mega ramp at last years Munich X Games. It's a lot higher from up here!

[part title="Travis Pastrana Double Backflip, 2006"]

This is the moment motocross legend Travis Pastrana took is life in his hands and attempted the double backflip back in 2006.

And this is the moment he realised he was still alive, and he'd stomped it...

[part title="Nyjah Huston Wins Street League Skateboarding, 2013"]

Nyjah Huston busted out a 9.2 to take gold in Street League Skateboarding last year, taking his X Games gold medal tally to four.

[part title="Jamie Bestwick Bosses it in Brazil 2013"]

Britain's very own Jamie Bestwick took a clean sweep in 2013, winning gold in the BMX vert at the X Games in LA, Brazil and Barcelona.

In doing so, he took his total X Games gold medal haul to 11, including eight on the spin. He'll be looking to make it a record nine on the trot in Austin this month!

Here he is in Brazil last year midway through a flair tailwhip.

[part title="Ronny Renner Wins Motocross Step Up, 2012"]

Ronny Renner cleared a staggering 47 feet to take gold in the motocross step up event in 2012, beating his long standing rival Matt Buyten.

[part title="Travis Pastrana Takes a Chance in the Rally Cross, 2011"]

Travis Pastrana went from two wheels to four in 2011. Here he takes on a leap of faith in the Rallycross.

[part title="Mitchie Brusco Lands the First 1080, Barcelona X Games 2013"]

16 year old Mitchie Brusco went big to land the first X Games 1080 and only the third one in history. Not bad for someone still in high school!

[part title="Levi Sherwood Hangs Loose, LA 2013"]

Levi Sherwood went huge on his KTM in the motocross freestyle event at LA in 2013. These jumps are absolutely massive!

[part title="Morgan Wade Goes Massive in BMX Big Air, LA 2013"]

Morgan Wade boosts one on his way to securing gold at the BMX big air event in LA, 2013.

He spent more time trying to beat the big air height record than he did pulling off actual tricks but he still wiped the floor!

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