Photo: Jack Clayton.

Thanks to the pedants at Detroit immigration, whose unnecessary interrogation forced us to miss a connecting flight to Salt Lake City, our recent trip to Utah was even shorter than we'd originally intended it to be. All in all, we ended up spending a little over 24 hours in the Beehive State (a.k.a Utah). It was short, but sweet.

Due to the head-scrambling time difference, Utah is seven hours behind London, we ended up waking insanely early on our one night in the mountain resort of Snowbird. Rather than sit around in our hotel room, twiddling our thumbs, and waiting for the breakfast buffet; we headed off into the wilderness to do some hiking.

Needless to say, the scenery was pretty spectacular. If you'd like to see some of the stuff we came across, as well as a few photos of Snowbird, feel free to browse this gallery. If you want to know why we went all the way to Utah just to walk around a bit, you should know that we were there for the announcement of a new coat.

That's right. A coat.

In fairness, it's not as simple as just a "new coat" but we can't really tell you much about what's happening at this stage. If you do like coats, and revolutionary coat technology, you should prepare to be very excited by some upcoming coat-news. There's basically one big hurricane of coat-based excitement coming your way.

Hold onto your coats!

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