What’s not to love about a good volcano? They look magnificent, they can legitimately create whole new pieces of land, they are apparently really good for farming on for some reason, and they act as a constant reminder of the fact that mother nature can fuck our shit up anytime she wants.

This Skier Outruns An Erupting Volcano

The sexy, dangerous allure of volcanoes means that we just can’t get enough of them, just like the two dudes in this video. Bill, and his unnamed partner in madness who we’re going to call Ted, are atop a volcano, waiting for a helicopter ride down.

But then, all of a sudden the volcano erupts with them on it!

Only, we have a sneaking suspicion that it didn’t. Here at Mpora Towers, we’re not volcanologists, but we rather suspect that the eruption caught on camera happened more in After Effects than half way up one of Earth’s magnificent pimples.

The fact the helicopter is drawn in crayon is an indication that things are amiss here. And where is all of the smoke, soot, and ash pouring from the spurting lava? The choking sulphur released into the air by the eruption? And what's going on with the reflection in the one dude's sunglasses?

What do you think? Fake or legit?

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