Volcano Lava Hawaii

Volcano Lava Hawaii

What did the volcano say to the other volcano on their anniversary?

"I lava you."

We'll let you get your breath back for a second, give you some time to stitch up your sides that we can only presume split during the intense bout of laughter that must have followed our opening gag. Presuming you haven't keeled over dead from laughing too much, we'll now stop with the nonsense and get to the bloody point already.

This film, made by PageFilms in association with National Geographic, shows lava flowing from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. It's a mesmerising watch, vaguely hypnotic, and sure to take your breath away. Proceed with protective eyewear, caution and a pair of oven gloves. This edit is seriously hot.

On the basis that the above video didn't make you melt like a candle, here's a cheeky gallery made up of some of our favourite screen shots that you might be interested in looking at. If you have melted like a candle, please know that we're truly sorry for the inconvenience this awesome natural wonder footage has caused you.

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