Paradise: it's a subjective term. The dictionary suggests it's "a place of extreme beauty, delight, or happiness'.

Then again, it also suggests it's "an intermediate place for the departed souls awaiting resurrection" which kind of sounds like Leicester. We've been to Leicester - it's not paradise.

Really, paradise isa subjective term. For some, it would be a tiny stone cabin in the mountains, surrounded by endless fresh snow. Somebody else would love nothing more than spending their days in a tree house, with their own private skate bowl beneath.

Photo: thechive.com

How does this tiny island stack up? This amazing place is Tikehau Atoll, a tiny dot on the atlas in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, pretty much half way between Brazil and Australia.

While you can visit on holiday, around about 300 people live there, mostly working in the tourism industry looking after those lucky enough to be paying a visit.

The ring shaped atoll is a large coral reef, that keeps that amazing looking azure water in, and houses one of the greatest unique varieties of fish found anywhere on the planet.

Granted, neither the MTB or snow scenes are up to much (they don't even have a working lift system!) but the surf isn't to shabby. That's assuming you can take your eyes off he view for a minute.

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