10 Amazing Frisbee Shots That You Won’t Believe Are Actually Possible

Heroes of the internet, or tossers with too much time on their hands?

Since the dawn of time, human beings have loved showing off. It’s the driving force behind procreation and, what in recent years, has pushed people to pull bigger and better skateboard, ski, snowboard and BMX tricks.

Let’s face it, a world without show-offs is a world not worth living in. If nobody tried to reinvent the wheel, from time to time, we’d end up drowning in wheels; boring wheels that all looked exactly the same. Showing off is the very lifeblood of our existence.

“Since the dawn of time, human beings have loved showing off.”

And that grand introduction leads us, almost neatly, onto the subject of awesome flying disc tricks. Inspired by the ridiculous hill-top throw we posted yesterday, we’ve decided to compile together some of the greatest disc trick shots in history.

If you’ve never heard of Brodie Smith before this, you will have done by the time we’re done here. Turns out Brodie is more than a bit good at tossing dinner plates around, so he features quite a bit.


1) The Bridge, The Speedboat, And The Diving Catch!

There’s so much to love about this video. The bridge-top throw from Brodie Smith, the incredible diving catch from a moving speedboat by an unknown receiver, the wild celebrations that follow, and the fact that you can watch everything repeatedly…from multiple angles.


2) The Double Wall Ride

This video might just be our favourite banana in the bunch. The way the disc exits the first wall ride, and connects seamlessly with the second one; it’s all just completely perfect.

We also really like how the man punches the air like he’s just scored an equaliser in a world cup qualifier. It makes this clip all the sweeter.


3) The World’s Longest Disc Golf Ace

An ace in disc golf is a pretty big deal. It’s the equivalent of a hole-in-one in golf, and a sign that when it comes to disc golf you know exactly what you’re doing.

This ace from Seppo Paju is thought by many to be the longest one ever. The fact that he nails it in front of such a large crowd, who totally lose their shit when it hits the chains, makes this video extra special.


4) Through The Window

We can only hope that whoever owned that window was standing nowhere near it when the white disc went flying through it. DECAPITATION-ALERT!

The street scene vibe, the David Beckham curvature on the elevation, and the jubilant celebrations that follow the disc’s disappearance are just some of the reasons this video gets a big thumbs-up from the Mpora team.


5) Brodie Smith’s Gnarly Wall Ride

In this clip, Brodie Smith (we told you he’d be popping up more than once) steps up and delivers one of the most casually-awesome wall ride trick shots you’ll ever see. If it was anymore casual, it would have its feet up on the sofa and be smoking some sort of tobacco pipe.

In a world littered with appalling corporate adverts, we’ll put our disc-throwing hands into the air, go completely out on a limb, and proclaim this video “the coolest insurance commercial you, and I, have ever laid eyes upon.”


6) The “Suck It Dry” Floor Bounce

If at first you don’t succeed, try again and get it right the second time. That seems to be the personal philosophy of the dude in this video.

This one is well worth a watch, not only because the trick is pretty cool but because the guy shouting “SUCK IT DRY” at the end is absolutely hilarious.


7) The Sweg Trick

We’re not entirely sure what “sweg” means, but we’re guessing it’s a word with positive connotations. As in, “I say, old boy, that time you threw a flying disc the length of a basketball court and it went through the net was jolly sweg.”

Sweggin’ hell, though. We’re not sure how many attempts this took to get right, but we just can’t get over the sheer sweg-ness of it. This guy is 110% sweg.


8) And The Crowd Goes Wild

This back-of-the-stand to heart-of-the-oil-drum trick is undeniably impressive. It is tinged, however, with a hint of tragedy. The stadium in which the trick occurs is completely empty.

Imagine if he’d pulled this off in front of a full-house, as part of a wacky half-time show. Imagine the crowd erupting like a hot volcano and raining down their molten applause on the trick-maker. Imagine…


9) Brodie Smith (Again), Dressed As Captain America

If you like trick shots, Brodie Smith, and Brodie Smith dressed up as Captain America then this is the video for you. It’s short, snappy, and to the point.

The fact that the frisbee is modelled on Captain America’s shield will, no doubt, have Marvel fanboys frothing at the mouth like rabid animals. Also, there’s a big pirate statue; which is great news for anyone who enjoys big pirate statues.


10) Another Trick Involving Boats

We started with a boat-based trick, so we might as well finish with one. It’s not quite as slick as the Brodie Smith one at the top, but we still think it’s pretty rad.


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