1. Your friends won’t understand why you want to get wet, muddy and cold all the time

coldwater surf women

coldwater surf women

2. Your cupboards are filled with crampons, rucksack, compasses, guidebooks...

Photo: Without Walls/Meg Haywood Sullivan

3. ...Rather than hair straighteners and high heels

Photo: fashionbyrd.blogspot.com


4. You will always own too many jumpers

Photo: indulgy.com


5. And boards...

Photo: surfholidays.com

quiver surfboards

6. And beanies...



7. You spend all your money going to places like this...

Photo: Norway

8. ...Rather than here

shopping centre mall

shopping centre mall

9. You get over-excited when you find a great new outdoors brand...

excitement gif

excitement gif

10. ...Only to discover they solely make kit for men


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11. You dream about converting a van and driving down the west coast of America

Photo: van-life.net


12. You believe meals are better eaten outside...

Photo: coffeeinthemountains.tumblr.com

camping camp fire cooking outdoors

13. ...And coffee should be enjoyed with a view

Photo: Granola Products

14. You can't resist a man with a beard

Photo: wmfeed.me

man with a beard

15. You'd rather have an avalanche safety kit for your birthday than a designer handbag...

Photo: Ortovox/Mulberry

Avalanche Safety Kit Handbag

16. You can't bear the thought of sitting on a beach all day...

Photo: The Travelettes

17. ...When you could be doing this

Photo: Roxy

18. Your hair is always a mess

Photo: tangledhairtechs.blogspot.com

19. And there's no point painting your nails, because they will look like this in 24 hours

Photo: Lynzical

20. But you can scrub up nicely (when you want to)

Photo: Zimbio


10 Things That Only Female Surfers Will Understand

21. At least you don't need a bottle to get a tan


22. Because there's nowhere else you'd rather be than exploring the great outdoors...

Photo: Tumblr


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