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Extreme Highlining

Extreme Highlining

Slacklining is a pretty sick sport.

It's like tightrope walking, except the line isn't taut and you don't have a pole to balance with. The slackline itself is piece of nylon webbing strung between two points and it bounces like a thin trampoline.

It's pretty awesome - even more so when you take it waaay above the ground, like this fella in the photo above! Watch the full video here.

So, here's eight "holy shit!" highline moments that'll leave you feeling a bit weak at the knees...

[part title="Highlining with no harness"]

Dean Potter has traversed unfathomably high slacklines across the world, but this one is a real heart-stopper.

He takes on a 100ft long wire over Taft Point in Yosemite National Park, California - with NO HARNESS. At 3,200ft above sea level, there's a pretty hefty drop awaiting him below.

Will he make it? Watch and see. Guaranteed to leave you clinging onto the edge of your seat.

[part title="Insane Heights in Utah, USA"]

OK, so this may be an advert for a Ford car, but that doesn't make the video any less impressive.

Filmer Devin Supertramp headed over to Moab in Utah to shoot this epic stunt video with a bunch of pro highliners (yep, they do exist).

Just seeing how small they are compared to the huge drop is enough to make anyone's stomach go.

[part title="Crossing a cable car wire"]

Ever looked outside the cable car window and thought how cool it would be to walk along one of the wires? Two French dudes - Julien Millot and Tancrede Melet - decided to actually give it a go.

Poised 1247ft above sea level, the pair highlined across the 60m peak-to-peak wire on the Vanoise Express cable car. Absolutely mental.

[part title="Slackline Surfing World Record"]

Andy Lewis - or Sketchy Andy as he's more commonly known - is one of the greatest slackliners in the history of, errr, slacklining.

He won the first ever world championship in 2008 and still maintains a number of "first ever" records across the world's biggest gaps.

Check out his world record breaking 'slackline surfing' attempt above - it's mad!

[part title="What happens when the slackline gets cut?"]

Ever wondered what a slackline would look like if it broke with someone on it? These guys give it a go. The result? A snap like broken knicker elastic! Super sketchy.

[part title="Chillin' over a waterfall"]

Just a lazy afternoon, hanging by the Sahalie Falls in Oregon, USA, followed by some casual slacklining over the top.

Look how chill these guys are - particularly the reclining dude at 0.39. It makes slacklining look almost... relaxing.

[part title="Europe's longest highline"]

It's called Levitation, it's 103m and it's the longest slackline in Europe. It was set up in the Czech village of Ostrov - and it looks like plenty of people tumbled off it! Luckily, not to their death.

[part title="Highlining between two hot air balloons!"]

Two hot air balloons rose to hundreds of feet above the ground in Spain to attempt this extreme highlining challenge. Definitely the craziest attempt yet. Watch out for the freaky clown - almost as pant-shittingly scary as the feat itself!