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Zion National Park, Utah - it only took 150 million years to look like this. Photo: Shutterstock

Zion National Park Utah

There's nothing like heading down the open road with your mates, a good playlist and couple of snowboards/surfboards/bikes/climbing rope stashed in the back.

Being able to hit the road with no real plan and indulge our sporting addiction is why we drag ourselves out of bed every morning to work that boring job, day in day out.

Need of some inspiration to get you through the day? Here are some of the most epic action sport road trips you can take...

[part title="The Powder Highway"]

Spot the rider. Photo: powderhighway.com

Length: 680 miles

Where will you start and finish? Kimberley to Fernie via Kicking Horse, British Columbia, Canada

Best time to go? Late December to March

How long will it take? Three or four weeks, but could be done in two weeks

Pack your gear, call up your favourite shredders and hit the road for the ultimate ski and snowboarding road trip.

The Powder Highway runs through the South Eastern Rockies in British Columbia, Canada. Being the birth place of heli and cat skiing, this is one of the top spots for backcountry riding.

After all, it does have nine heli-ski operators, 11 Nordic ski resorts, 15 snowcat ski outfitters and 22 back country ski touring operators littered along the route.

Fly into Cranbrook and take in Kimberley and Panorama Mountain Village via Kicking Horse and Red Mountain, before finishing in Fernie.

These mountain are also pretty famous - they featured in The Art of Flight among other epic shred flicks.

[part title="Highway 1, California"]

Cruising down Big Sur on Highway 1. Photo: Shutterstock

Big Sur Highway One

Length: 712 miles

Where will you start and finish? Huntington Beah to Leggett, California, USA

Best time to go? March to September

How long will it take? One month is ideal, but you can shorten the trip by finishing in San Francisco

Highway 1 is a legendary road that follows the Pacific West Coast of California from Redwoods in the north to Orange County in the south. Beautiful and undeveloped, this road trip is a must for any surf lover.

Start at Huntington Beach, just south of Los Angeles, before heading north through Malibu, Santa Barbara, Hollister Ranch and Mavericks (paddle out, if you're brave enough).

Camp out on the beaches of the northern counties Sonoma and Humboldt. Make sure you visit one of the wineries along the highway and take a look at the epic Redwood trees along the way.

When it comes to your road trip playlist, there's an endless number of songs to choose from - we recommend Ventura Highway by America to get you started.

[part title="Vancouver, British Columbia"]

Is that a bear I can see down there? Photo: Destination British Columbia

S2-0319 Credit Destination British Columbia copy

Length: 304 miles, plus four ferry rides

Where will you start and finish? Vancouver to Whistler via Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Best time to go? May to October

How long will it take? Two weeks

British Columbia is the spiritual home of mountain biking, sporting some of the gnarliest trails in the world.

It boasts hundreds of black double diamonds as well as many beginners and intermediate routes.

There are so many options: you can either go inland or stick to the coast. For the most bang for your buck, stay coastal and follow the BC Bike Race route.

Start in Vancouver’s North Shore and then catch the ferry over to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. After tearing down their singletracks in the Comox Valley, take the ferry to the Sunshine Coast, and head to the mountain bike mecca of Whistler.

If you want a break from biking, there are plenty of hiking and kayaking options plus Vancouver Island is full of micro breweries and wineries to visit.

[part title="The Pacific Highway, Australia"]

East Coast Aus

East Coast Aus

Length: 575 miles

Where will you start and finish? Brisbane to Sydney, Australia

Best time to go? March to May

How long will it take? Two to three weeks

Strap your surfboards to the car and cruise down the 575 mile road that connects Sydney to Brisbane, along the north coast of New South Wales. It's one way you can surf at such legendary spots along the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Yamba, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, and Newcastle.

If the surf is flat, head inland to go bushwalking. The Gold Coast has some of the most amazing scenery with three national parks to choose from, including the lush sub-tropical rainforest of Tamborine Mountain. There are another 48 national parks between Sydney and Brisbane to explore.

Stop off a Port Stephens for some world-class snorkelling and dolphin spotting, sip beer in Coffs Harbour and camp out at Tweed Heads before jumping in the sea for a dawnie the next morning.

[part title="Shred the Balkans"]

Empty pow fields to play in...

Length: 380 miles

Where will you start and finish? Sarajevo, Bosnia to Brezovica, Kosovo

Best time to go? January to early March

How long will it take? One week

For an off the beaten track trip, head for the powdery mountain resorts of the Balkans.

Still bearing the scars of war, this trip definitely earns you adventure bragging rights, and you won’t have to queue for the lift.

Start in the ski resorts of Jahorina and Bjelasnica that lie just outside the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. Then cross the border into Serbia to the modern resort of Kopaonik.

Once you’ve had your fill shredding Serbia’s winter wonderland, go south to Kosovo to the Brezovica Ski Resort. From there, either head east to Macedonia or west to Albania.

[part title="Climbing through California to Utah, USA"]

Zion National Park, Utah - it only took 150 million years to look like this. Photo: Shutterstock

Zion National Park Utah

Length: 563 miles

Where will you start and finish? Yosemite National Park, California to Zion National Park, Utah, USA

Best time to go? Late spring to early autumn, but best avoided on public holidays

How long will it take? Two weeks, but the longer you hang around, the better

This is the ultimate dirt bag climbing road trip. Take the summer off with a couple of buddies, rent a car and sleep under the stars.

Start in the holy land of climbing that is Yosemite. However, a word of advice, do not go to Yosemite on a bank holiday unless you want to be in a two-hour traffic jam.

If you do happen to be there, head through the Tioga pass to Tuolumne Meadows where it's usually less crowded.

Once you’re bored of Yosemite (if that is even possible), head to Mammoth Mountain, make a stop in Las Vegas and finish off in Zion National Park, Utah.

[part title="Costa Rica"]

Paradise? Photo: Visit Costa Rica

Length: 124 miles

Where will you start and finish? Tamarindo to Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica

Best time to go? March to June/September to November

How long will it take? One week

Rent a SUV and drive through the rainforest in search of the perfect Pacific wave from Tamarindo to Santa Teresa, down the west coast.

The beauty of Costa Rica is you can surf without a wetsuit overlooking tropical beaches and jungles. Just watch out for those pesky monkeys!

After a hard day's surfing, light a fire on the beach and watch the sunset. Make sure you catch the leatherback turtles in Las Baulas National Park, take a horseride through the rainforest and try some yoga on the beach.

[part title="Iceland"]

It seems like an appropriate place to try a bit of ice climbing. Photo: iceland.is

Length: 828 miles

Where will you start and finish? Reykjavík, Iceland

Best time to go? April to October, although the best time to see the Northern Lights is the autumn

How long will it take? Two to three weeks

Iceland is probably one of the coolest places to visit at the moment, thanks to Hollywood’s currently obsession with its mythical-like scenery.

Take Route One, the main road that takes you around the whole of Iceland. There are all kinds of opportunities to climb, hike, ski and even surf in winter.

Best of all, after a long day of exercises, you can jump into one of the hundreds of hot springs around the country and rest those muscles before watching the Northern Lights flicker across the sky.

[part title="Skate around Europe"]

Barcelona - think skater's paradise. Photo: Converse

Length: 1,303 miles

Where will you start and finish? Berlin, Germany to Barcelona, Spain

Best time to go? June to September

How long will it take? One month or the whole summer (if you've got the time/money)

While road trips are often associated more with North America, Europe is still a great place to tour around in a van this summer and see the most famous cities with your skateboard.

Start at the Mellow Park in Berlin, then head to Paris and travel through France skating in any local park you find - we recommend this one in Gémenos, France 

Next, make your way through Spain to skate Barcelona –arguably one of the best skate cities in the world.

On the way, take time to enjoy the array of culture in each city - from the mega clubs in Berlin, fantastic wine and cheese in France and Gaudi's architecture in Barcelona.