Imagine coming home to find a bear cub trapped in your garage. Granted, that's probably not an everyday occurrence in Ipswich, or Runcorn, but lets just imagine a little.

That's exactly what happened to this woman from North America. A camera manages to capture the cub struggling to escape from her garage, hanging from a metal bar on the ceiling.

However, just like the old saying goes, when there's a baby bear in the garage, the mother can't be too far away. This proved to be true. Hearing her cub calling for help, the grizzly mother powered her way through the mechanised door, using her brute force to lever it up from the closed position.

His freedom assured, the baby bear eventually used a near by ladder to climb down the floor before making his get away, presumably to squat in a neighbouring warehouse where they held a rave for all of the woodland creatures. Bangin'.

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