Richard David, "or as most people know him 'Pa Bud'", is a medical marijuana grower in southeast Oregon - and his pet deer 'Sugar Bob' is an absolute pothead.

The news report above from OPBWeb will tell you all you need to know on this one. It's a pretty hilarious interview with Mr. Davis, and there's some great footage of the incredibly cute dear munching down some marijuana leaves as well.

According to the report, Sugar Bob eats, big, fully cured marijuana buds on a fairly regular basis - and it seems like he lives a pretty happy, relaxing little life with his owner!

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 14.33.10

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 14.33.10

"A friend of mine says 'it's not right!'" admits Richard. "But other deer are getting chased by cougars and stuff, and my deer is lying on a bed, having just eaten a big bud, and he's just getting sleepier and sleepier and getting ready to go out!

"[He was lying on the bed earlier] and between the motion of chewing a bud and the peacefulness in his eyes, I had to crawl over and curl up next to him. Me and the dear passed out for about three hours today!"

"Sugar Bub just lies on the bed, having eaten a big bud, getting sleepier and sleepier..."

No doubt after watching this video, there will be calls around the world for authorities to legalise marijuana - if only so we can all get adorable pet deer that are slightly addicted to pot.

Have a look and see what you think! And this still doesn't mean it's a good idea to get your family pet high...

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