We all know there's a lot of shite on Kickstarter, but sometimes you stumble across a gem. We also know that GoPros, while being totally awesome, have the battery life of a gnat.

These guys reckon they've got the answer. It's a wireless GoPro charger known as the Jolt. You just place your device on the charging pad - and that's it!

There's no need to even take the battery out of the camera, it works through the plastic casing. Plus it's big enough to charge a full camera and a spare battery at the same time. Pretty rad, right?

jolt wireless gopro charger

jolt wireless gopro charger

We've seen these kind of devices before for phones. Starbucks had a few to entice customers into their cafes (before that godforsaken pumpkin latte came along....)

Maybe they'll start introducing GoPro chargers too, so people can start.. errm... filming their badly-spelt names on their takeaway paper cups?

Anyway, we think this idea is sick! No more faffing around with crappy wires. Support the Jolt by donating to their Kickstarter campaign here.

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