There are two main emotions that the dude in this video will have experienced after crashing his snowmobile at nearly 100mph.

Firstly, there's the joyous surprise that he still has the ability to move and see and, y'know, not be dead and stuff.

The guy who crashed has won championships in road racing and motocross...

This brief glory, however, is quickly replaced by the realisation that he's either a) just destroyed the ski-doo he paid thousands of dollars for, or b) he now owes a ski-doo rental company a shitload of cash.

Either way, it's not ideal. But before you go making judgements, it is worth noting that according to the video source, the crasher has "also won championships in road racing, motocross and local snowmobile races, and at almost 50 is still one of the fastest riders."

So, it's probably best not to laugh, because there's a good chance that this guy could beat you at pretty much anything you can think of - a fact that makes it that much more tempting, of course, to have a little giggle... Go on then. Just this once. You rascal.

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