Everybody gets their buzz of adrenaline in different ways. For a lot of us, there's little that can beat booking down a mountain on a board or a bike when you want to scare yourself stupid.

Others, however, see that as being a little too risky, and opt for the safety of the funfair. However, as this brutal video proves, those safety cages and signs saying you must be this tall to get on the ride don't always equate to being in safe hands.

These French students went on this Sling Shot ride in an unknown holiday location - much like the kind of rides that are popular with girls with too much fake tan, and boys who have division two footballers hair cuts all over the continent.

However, on this occasion, as the bungees that the sling shot ball are attached to took the strain of the cage as it came back to earth, one of them snapped, sending the ball, and the two students in it flying helplessly through the night sky.

The ball then crashed into one of the support arms of the ride, which caused one of the two people inside to break their leg.

We wish all those involved in the accident the swiftest of recoveries.

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