Everyone knows that plastic gets dumped in the ocean, but very few know exactly how serious the situation has become.

National Geographic posted up this video from graphic designer Andreas Tanner and it's really grabbed our attention.

There is currently a huge mass of plastic waste gathering in the Pacific Ocean. It's as big as Europe and it's our fault that it's there.

"Did you 10 per cent of toothpaste is made up of plastic?"

Did you know that 10 per cent of toothpaste is made up of microplastic? These are so tiny that they can't be filtered out by sewage plants, so end up in the ocean. Fish mistake them for plankton, eat them and they end up on our dinner tables. Pretty gross, right?

Now, we're not asking everyone to stop using toothpaste and revert back to Victorian style tooth decay. However, the video does give you some tips on how to change your everyday life and hopefully reduce plastic waste in the future.

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