Remember last time you walked past one of those slingshot rides and thought ‘hmm, that seems like a good idea’? No? Oh. Well, that’s probably because pretty much all of them look like they’re right on the verge of breaking, and the video below certainly isn’t going to help their reputation.

It comes from Luna Park at Cap d’Adge on France’s Mediterranean coast, and saw the two riders left suspended for an hour before being rescued and taken to hospital. While one 24-year-old woman broke a leg in the horror show, the other victim walked away completely unharmed.

The theme park has now closed the ride, blaming a “manufacturing defect" in the elastic cable for the trouble, according to Fox 59. We're not sure if that counts as an excuse or not, but one thing's for sure, we're probably going to give the slingshotting a miss for a while. Stick to skydiving, it's much safer...

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