Inside A Dishwasher, Toilet Plunging & Extreme Tea Making: These GoPro Videos Should Be Mundane But Are Actually Fascinating

Ever seen the inside of a dishwasher before? Not all GoPro videos are skiing off cliffs and skydiving...

You only need to watch the new GoPro 4 trailer to see that you can capture some pretty rad things on one of these tiny cameras. But what does your average Joe film when he gets one for Christmas?

There’s no cliff jumping on skis or paragliding in Colorado. He films the process of making a cup of tea or the inside of his freezer. The truly mundane. Because y’know that’s real life, isn’t it?

These are arguably the best worst GoPro videos we’ve ever seen… Our biggest question has to be: who actually wants to watch these? Apparently we do…


Playing The Trombone

He may be a trombonist with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, but that doesn’t mean this GoPro video is any more entertaining…. or is it? Some might argue that this is the best GoPro video ever. We are happy to be convinced otherwise.


Inside The Fridge

Man opens fridge. Gets out butter. Shuts fridge. Man returns to fridge. Puts butter back. Shuts fridge. That’s it.


Inside The Dishwasher

Is there anything more fucking boring than watching the inside of a freezer? Yep, watching the full cycle inside a dishwasher. And a pretty shit dishwasher at that.

Although we have to admit, it did gather a large crowd around the office when we first played it, all with the bizarre curiosity to find out exactly what the inside a dishwasher looks like when it’s running. Plus it has a whopping 6 MILLION views!


Driving A Toy Car Around Walmart

This is like an even worse version of Home Alone 3. You can genuinely sit down and watch this 6 minute long footage of the mini cam cruising through electrical appliances, past the pillow section and a bemused man with a mop….

Now you know what it feels like to be Buzz Lightyear stuck in a shop. Totally shit. How this video has one million views, we will never know…


Taking Down The Christmas Lights

There’s nothing more depressing than taking down Christmas light in January. Why on earth would you want to film this moment forever? And then set it to a death metal backing track – I mean, what?!

You do half expect him to fall off the roof… but no such antics occur. Sorry kids. It really is that boring.


Driving Home From Work

Is this the most pointless video ever? Yes, yes we think it is. Just one man (whom we shall name Herbert) driving his boring car through a mundane American town to his house. Or at least we think it’s his house…

“You just filmed yourself making an illegal rolling stop! You’re sticking it to the man!” said one commenter beneath the vid. He did entitle it ‘Most Boring GoPro Ever’, so we can’t say he didn’t warn us.


Pancake Flipping

Get in there son!


Rolling Around IKEA

It turns out there is something more tedious than a trip to IKEA. Filming your trip to IKEA on your GoPro.

What do we learn from it? Well, this guy certainly likes to sit down on a lot of sofas. It reminds you how much of a underground, relationship-ending, argument-inducing lair that place is. It gives us cold sweats just thinking about it.


Mowing The Lawn

Wait a second, isn’t that just an Amish man escaped from the settlement on a John Deere mower?

You’ve gotta appreciate the cinematography, the choice of angles is exquisite. Mowing man, you’ve made our day.


Extreme Tea Making

How do you make tea more extreme? Add slo-mo, a seriously sketchy backing track and a really gross close-up of a soggy, shiny teabag.

This video get mind-numbingly dull after about 12 seconds. Just hurry up and make the bloody tea!


Playing Golf

Golf, the sport of middle-aged bores. Or not according to this video, which makes it out to as much fun as raving in a European superclub and the most extreme sport to ever exist on this earth.

I don’t know what’s funnier – the choice of music or the heaven-like white light transitions between shots. Someone, save us now!


Brushing Your Teeth And Eating Cheerios

If you want to vom while eating your lunch, watch this. This dude gets milk all over his face. Toothpaste in his beard. Plunging the loo. The dubstep backing track. Please, no more.


GoPro vs. Reality

And finally, one that’s actually genius – a real look into the average GoPro users life. Brilliant work, Mike Fry. We applaud you.


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