Cougar Attack

Cougar Attack

On the list of things we want to achieve in our life, getting attacked in the wilderness by angry cougars isn't even the top 100. In fact, if we're being totally honest, we genuinely hope that we never get attacked in the wilderness by angry cougars. If this video (see below) is anything to go by, it looks like a real pant-soiling business.

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Donny Stone was on a 10km run down a trail, 100km from Grande Praire, when two cougars ran out in front of him. Naturally, he decided to whip out the bear spray and more bizarrely (considering the gravity of the situation) his video camera. He then set about filming this super-tense 'Blair Witch-esque' survival horror footage.

At first it seems like the danger might have passed, when suddenly the cougars run out of the trees and try to attack the clearly frightened Donny.

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Fortunately, he keeps his wits about him and fires off the spray just in time. The sound he lets-off is pretty similar to the sound we made just watching it on a screen. A truly frightening moment, and one that we're happy to say didn't end in tragedy.

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