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Cycling in Hurricane Irma | Florida Residents Ride Through The Storm in Miami Beach

"If you dial 911 here they physically will not be able to get to you. Do not ride your bicycles."

CNN Senior National Correspondent Kyung Lah was shocked to see cyclists while reporting on Hurricane Irma in Miami Beach. Photo: Screenshot/CNN

It seems like only a day ago that we brought you the video of a Miami Beach kiteboarder taking on the waves of Hurricane Irma the behind disgruntled MSNBC news reporters Alex Witt and Mariana Atencio.

The reason that it seems like it was only a day ago of course, is probably that it was literally just one day ago that we brought you that video.

Needless to say, that video has now gone insanely viral and racked up millions of views around the internet since then. Partly because of the bewildering nature of the kiteboarding conditions, and partly because of the over-the-top reactions of Witt and Atencio.

Anyway, guess what? Now there’s a cycling equivalent to the Hurricane Irma kiteboarding clip! And it’s pretty much the same in every way except with land and with bikes instead of oceans and kiteboards.

The clip comes from none other than CNN this time, and opens with the man in the studio saying to CNN Senior National Correspondent Kyung Lah, the reporter in the field (or storm, as it were): “I know it looks bad for but your winds are going to go up a further 20mph from here. I need you in a safe place.”

Very dramatic.

Kyung Lah then goes on to detail how she’s keeping safe by holding onto a metal rail next to her and taking every precaution possible… before then being made to look like a bit of a drama queen by two cyclists who ride casually down the road behind her in the storm.


Thing is, we actually don’t think the CNN reporter in question here is being overly dramatic. The cyclists are just a bit mental. The winds are literally closing in on 100mph. Lah gives them a fair bit of criticism.

The cyclists head through the storm in Miami Beach. Photo: Screenshot / CNN

“Oh my goodness!,” she shouts. “OK… This is incredibly… I’m just going to call it… This is stupid. These two guys going out in the rain? In the storm? First of all I don’t know how they’re staying up on two wheels. Do not do that. They may be joy-seekers but that is absolutely unsafe.”

Editor’s note: does she mean thrill-seekers? Is joy-seeker an actual phrase? Surely everyone is searching for joy in life in some form or another? Anyway. We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s standing in a storm.

“Miami Beach police and fire have said if those two guys get injured they absolutely will not be able to help them out. If you dial 911 here they physically will not be able to get to you. Do not be riding your bicycle out here. These winds are making it very difficult for me to stand.”

Okay. So given that information, they probably shouldn’t be doing it. If you’re caught up in Irma, please stay safe!

Our best guess is that the guys must have really needed some strong backwinds to hunt a new Strava KOM…

…and since we closed off the last Hurrican Irma piece by comparing the kiteboarder in question to Patrick Swayze, the original Bodie from Point Break, let’s close off this one by comparing these cyclists to that frankly ridiculous dirt bike scene from the new Point Break. Don’t get us wrong, we know the two aren’t similar in any way other than they both feature people riding two-wheeled vehicles, but nevertheless, it makes for a good watch.

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