Best Ski Goggles For 2023

Looking for eye protection on the pistes? We’ve got you sorted with our essential guide to the best ski goggles

Finding the best ski goggles to protect your eyes while skiing is incredibly important. Without good eye protection in the mountains, you run the very real risk of suffering snow blindness from excessive exposure to harmful ultraviolet light. This is the serious reason behind why we’ve tested, reviewed and shortlisted our favourites for this guide to the best ski goggles money can buy.

These days, ski goggles come in all different shapes and sizes. Various advancements in design, such as vast improvements in the functionality of interchangeable lenses, make the goggles of today (especially at the high end of the market) feel a world away from the goggles of yesteryear. Field of view, and an appreciation of how to optimise this, has come on leaps and bounds with spherical lenses, that essentially mirror the shape of a human eye, now common.



Many of the ski goggles that feature in this guide have been designed to be paired up with ski helmets made by the same ski brands. In some respects, this is obviously a slightly cynical play by the brands to essentially make you spend with them twice. That being said, there’s undoubtedly a smart logic to joining up the dots on your goggle and helmet purchase. The synchronised airflow it allows for will make for a less fogged-up experience on the slopes, meaning you’ll have superior vision when you need it the most. The goggle’s shape will have been designed to fit seamlessly as well. Anyway, don’t get bogged down in this pairing up your goggle and helmet stuff. It’s not that important.

“You’ll find a ski goggle here at a price point you’re comfortable with”

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced skier, you’ll find a ski goggle here at a price point you’re comfortable with. Like to charge hard and fast? There’s a product for you on this list. Need a clear view of landings when you send it in the park? There’s something for you here. Want something that lets the world know you’re a ski tourer? They’re on this list as well (see the Dynafit Ultra).

Best Ski Goggles For 2023

SunGod Vanguard POW Goggles

Price: £124
Reasons to buy it: Affordable, customisable, protective and flies the flag for POW


When it comes to making some of the best goggles and sunglasses around, it’s fair to say that Swiss-based SunGod have been knocking it out of the park in recent years. Founded in Verbier in 2013, the company has rapidly made a name for themselves by creating some of the finest eyewear (at a respectable price point for the consumer). The brand’s founders, Zoe Armstrong and Ali Watkiss, wanted to produce affordable products that could go head to head with the heavyweights on performance. As the Vanguard POW Goggles underlines, SunGod has certainly delivered on this objective.

Looking at the lens (the most important part of a goggle, after all), what you’re dealing with is an oversized 4KO snow lens that comes with the choice of eight different lenses. We’ll cover some of the customisation stuff shortly but, before then, it’s worth flagging up – for those not already in the know – that oversized lenses are great for the peripherals. There’s a bit more science to it than simply ‘big window, see more’ but, to save time, we’ll just say the Vanguard delivers a really great field of view. 

“SunGod is a Certified B Corporation, and a fully carbon neutral brand”

The lenses on these ski goggles have been optimised to bring out contrast in tricky light conditions, and offer full UV protection from the sun’s nasty rays. Impact protection has also been built into the lens, with triple-layer scratch resistance meaning they’ll be well-protected when you do inevitably decide to throw them into the bottom of your bag.

Right, let’s talk about customisation. Lens swapping has been made simple here thanks to useful magnets that have been built into the internal part of the frame and lens. All you need to do is push the lens away from the frame (with a tiny bit of force), and it will pop out satisfyingly. Simply click the strap off the frame, and switch it for a different one, if you want to customise things further. Why you’d ever want to swap out the limited edition Protect Our Winters one we’ve featured here though, we’re not entirely sure.

Before you order the Vanguard, you’re given the option to get really specific with colour combinations and lens tints. We chose the POW strap for two reasons. Firstly, there can’t be enough people on the hills flying the flag for this essential charity. And secondly, because it’s a good way to emphasise SunGod’s environmental credentials. SunGod is a Certified B Corporation, and a fully carbon neutral brand. They’ve done this by working to minimise their impact on the planet wherever possible (through lower impact packaging, efficient shipping methods, and the use of more recycled materials).

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Oakley Line Miner

Price: £138
Reasons to buy it: Excellent peripheral vision, all-day comfort, works well with the majority of helmets, great lens options, they look cool 


Saying Oakley knows a lot about ski goggles is like saying rocket scientists know a lot about shooting things off into space, or that brain surgeons know a lot about what goes on inside skulls. When it comes to goggles, and eyewear in general, Oakley = experts. Take the Line Miner, for example. Inspired by the helmet visors of fighter pilots, it’s a product that makes it easier to see what’s going on down below. 

By having a cylindrical-style design that’s pulled closer to the wearer’s face than it is with other ski goggles, the Oakley Line Miner really opens things up both in terms of downward-looking and side-to-side periphery. For skiers who like to hunt out dream lines on more varied and unpredictable terrain, this expansion of view will feel like a godsend. Although, of course, there’s a lot to be said for being able to see more of the slightly-out-of-control punters on the pistes as well.

“Saying Oakley knows a lot about ski goggles is like saying rocket scientists know a lot about shooting things off into space”

Not for the first time in Mpora’s history, and not for the last, we’d like to give a shoutout to Prizm Lens Technology. The technology, if you’re not clued up on it already, is all about fine-tuning vision for specific sports and environments. It serves up super-precise colour-tuning, something that obviously has its benefits when you’re moving through wintry mountain landscapes at speed. These ski goggles will also, it should go without saying, protect you from harmful rays (it’s no good, after all, seeing contrast in the terrain if your eyes are suffering for it).

The Flexible O Matter chassis here conforms nicely to your face; even when the temperatures have dropped down into the minuses. If you’re a skier who lives for shredding every moment of day, and you crave a comfortable feel on your face from day’s start to day’s end, you’ll find the triple-layer face foam with its moisture-wicking polar fleece lining incredibly pleasant.  

The Oakley Line Miner we’ve included in our guide to the best ski goggles is part of the Stale Sandbech Signature Series. If you know you’re snowboarding, you’ll know that Stale is one of the most stylish snowsport athletes around. Fancy channelling some of his vibe? You can start by getting these on your face. 

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Oakley Flight Tracker

Price: £151
Reasons to buy it: Excellent multi-directional field-of-view, the unbeatable benefits of Prizm Lens Technology and great frame venting


We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, we’ll say it until we’re blue in the face. Oakley knows what they’re doing when it comes to ski goggles. On this note we have, of course, already included the Oakley Line Miner in this guide. As you can see, we’re also including the equally good Oakley Flight Tracker. The Oakley Flight Tracker is a real ‘the mountain is your oyster, so get stuck in’ bit of eyewear. It opens up the possibilities on offer and, maybe (just maybe), will make you question how you ever skied without them. A chance to see the mountains in a whole new way? Yes, something like that.

Inspired by Oakley’s first oversized snowsports goggle, dubbed the Canopy, the new Flight Tracker has a classic, stylised, shape with an oversized full-rim toric design. In short, this ski goggle provides an excellent field-of-view in all directions. Speaking of visibility and ‘being able to see’, the Flight Tracker has a low-profile frame design. In layman’s terms, this essentially means there’s far less ‘goggle-ness’ blocking your view of the world around you. This low-profile frame design is also what helps to make it more functional with a greater variety of helmets.

“This ski goggle provides an excellent field-of-view in all directions”

We really like the frame venting on the Oakley Flight Tracker. Its 360˚ frame venting allows for optimum airflow when worn with a helmet. Anyone who’s suffered through the annoying ordeal of wearing ski goggles with sub-optimal airflow (we’ve all been there), you’ll know just how frustrating it can be when these particular things aren’t set up well. We’ve also been impressed by how well the frame conforms to the wearer’s face, and how it remains flexible even when the temperature drops down to extreme lows. Skiers who love spending long days in the backcountry, away from the comforting warmth of alpine food and drink establishments, will definitely appreciate what these goggles offer. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or been paying zero attention to this very guide, you’ll know that we love to champion Oakley’s Prizm Lens technology. It’s a technology that blocks certain wavelengths on the colour spectrum to maximise contrast. The clear benefits of this in skiing environments, especially on days when the clouds have rolled in and it can be difficult to pick out approaching obstacles in the snow, are undeniable. Oakley talked up lens technology up when it first arrived on the scene and, to be fair, it has certainly lived up to that fanfare. Believe the hype.  

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Quiksilver Storm Snow Goggles

Price: £60
Reasons to buy it: Stylish, affordable, protective


Understandably, not all skiers and snowboarders want to spend over £100 on a pair of snow goggles. If you think you can’t get a great ski eyewear option below that price point though, think again. The Quiksilver Storm Snow Goggles are an excellent option at the £60 mark (via Surfdome), and will serve you well on your standard one-week ski resort holiday. 

With the funky strap option we’ve featured here, these ski goggles certainly look the part. Bring on the feel-good après times, and all that. What’s more, these ski goggles also have all the ingredients needed to ensure a good level of performance when you’re charging about the slopes and making the most of your time in the Alps. 

“The Quiksilver Storm Snow Goggles are an excellent option at the £60 mark”

The cylindrical double lens here is set up in such a way to prevent distortion. It offers 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from the sun, and has gone through an anti fog treatment to keep your vision clear. On the subject of the frame, you’re dealing with a Full PU injected thin frame with mesh vents to help warm air escape. There’s also small notches at the temples of the frame so you can wear glasses underneath, and a 40mm wide elasticated goggle strap that’s easily adjusted with two sliders. As is to be expected, you also get a handy microfiber carry bag that doubles up as a goggle wipe. Nothing extraordinary, in and of itself, but there’s a reassuring feel to the package here; one that’s worth considering.


POC Nexal Clarity

Price: £210
Reasons to buy it: Intelligent design, extra levels of protection, clever airflow control, excellent functionality 


Paying over £200 for a pair of ski goggles might seem like a lot and, to be fair, you’d be right. It is a lot. But then when you look at the futuristic POC Nexal Clarity, look at what it brings to your skiing, look at the sheer level of functionality it offers; the whole ‘you really do get what you pay for’ argument comes to the fore. Inspired by the world of racing, yet not in a way that alienates more casual skiers, this excellent ski goggle from the POC team does more than simply protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. It is, in fact, a bit of kit that actually goes above and beyond in so many different ways. 

The POC Nexal Clarity features a zygomatic bone cover under the lens. This enhances facial coverage, and provides extra sun protection for the wearer. By putting covers underneath the frame in such a way, the skier has increased protection from wind chill and will be less bothered by light glare. 

“The POC Nexal Clarity features a zygomatic bone cover under the lens”

A cylindrical lens on this product features Clarity technology. This technology, as anyone who’s got hands on with it can attest, means that your vision remains super clear during usage. When you think of the racing connections and inspirations here, the importance of being able to see incredibly well at high speeds is understandable. Swapping out the lenses here is also a real walk in the park, meaning you can always have the right lens on to suit the conditions. 

Built with frame outriggers, the Nexal Clarity can sit even closer to a POC helmet for seamless head protection. While a pair up between a POC goggle and a POC helmet is by no means essential, it’s something to consider if you’re a skier currently in the market for both bits of equipment and want to kill two birds with one stone. There are benefits.

The intelligence of this product’s design is underlined by the way the goggle ventilation can be toggled on and off. It’s ideal for reducing airflow when skiing at higher speeds, and cements the sense that the designers at POC really have put a lot of thought into the user experience of the Nexal Clarity. Comfort (hello triple-layer face foam) and usability is the name of the game with this item. It’s an eyewear option that comes highly recommended. 

Salomon Radium Prime Sigma Photochromic

Price: £250
Reasons to buy it: Excellent magnetic lens-changing system, great lens technology, and outstanding field of view  


With a name that sounds like it’s come straight out of an old episode of Star Trek, the Salomon Radium Prime Sigma catches the eye right from the off. Not only does it have an extremely sci-fi sounding name though, it’s also an absolutely brilliant bit of kit. When Salomon themselves are telling you on their website that these are the most technologically advanced goggles they’ve ever made, you’re going to sit up and take notice aren’t you? It’s impossible not to at least be a little curious about what the deal is. 

A magnetic lens-changing system, consisting of 16 magnets (yes, 16 magnets), makes switching out lenses as easy as counting to three. The hold this setup has on your lens is laughably reassuring, and will allow you to charge about and hit bumps secure in the knowledge that your eyewear has got you covered no matter what. The oversized, colour-amplifying and auto adjusting Photochromic SIGMA lens with Anti Fog + meanwhile maximises your vision in changing light conditions and helps to keep that always-annoying fog out of your eye line. 

“These are the most technologically advanced goggles they’ve ever made”

The photochromic lens is supposed to adjust to conditions and, you’ll be pleased to know, it’s something it does well. You’ll never question how much light it’s letting in, and you’ll love the crispness of the contrast it provides. Thanks to the fact that the oversized spherical lens, which feels wide and tall from the word go, is situated close to your face you’re unlikely to be frustrated by the frame blocking your view (because it doesn’t). 

At £250, it’s certainly a hefty investment to make. If you are looking to spend a little extra in order to bag yourself a high quality pair of ski goggles though, look no further. There’s undoubtedly a lot of hype around these goggles, especially from Salomon’s corner. We’re happy to report though that this hype is more than justified. 

Scott React

Price: £230
Reasons to buy it: Lens reacts to the world around it, good field of view, easy lens-change system


The Scott React really does live up to its name. Whatever the light is doing, the goggle’s clear lens reacts to ensure an optimal view. If the clouds have rolled in and you’re finding it difficult to see, the definition gets ramped up a notch. On the flip side, if things are getting excessively bright out there then the setup on the Scott React is smart enough to tone down glare. This approach to eyewear can, of course, be a bit hit and miss. With this ski goggle offering from Scott though, we’re glad to say it’s a nifty concept that doesn’t just sound good but actually delivers on its promise as well.

The cylindrical shape of this goggle means things are pretty dreamy on the peripheral vision front. Whether you’re skiing into overly crowded ski areas on the piste or winding your way through countless trees off-piste, you’ll love the expansive field of view the Scott React brings to proceedings. React to the world around you better because, well, you can see it better. See, the name works on multiple levels.

“The Scott React really does live up to its name”

Want to swap out the lens? The magnets guide the process, and help you home in on the proper fit where you can secure it solidly into position. Anyone who’s experienced these goggles will tell you the same thing, which is that the lens-change process is one of the most user-friendly ones on the market. Even when you’ve got bulky ski gloves on, the whole thing feels utterly intuitive. Less time faffing about with lens changes, because the lens change system is quick and easy, means more time for you to enjoy the skiing. It’s simple maths really. 

What else? Well, the Scott React goggles are OTG compatible, and deliver a comfortable fit with moisture-wicking foam against the face. A bonus lens and cover are also included. At £230 RRP, this product is something of an investment. That being said though, Scott never disappoint on quality so it’s unlikely to be a purchase you regret.

Dynafit Ultra Sunglasses

Price: £100
Reasons to buy it: Lightweight, protective, stylish 


When speed, efficiency, and low weight are the name of the game, Dynafit are usually the go-to brand for many ski mountaineers. They’ve consistently produced some of the lightest and most innovative ski touring boots, bindings and skis on the market to make life burning up skin tracks. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that when the brand turns their sights on the sunglasses market they produce eyewear that’s equally lightweight and efficient. OK, time to discuss the Dynafit Ultra.

The first thing to note about these specs is their seriously low weight. Coming in at just 31g, and weighing less than a chocolate bar because of it, these sunglasses are perfect for multi-day ski tourers who like to chop their toothbrush in half to save weight. What’s responsible for the Dynafit Ultra’s light-as-a-feather nature? It’s all to do with that Grillamid frame construction, which results in a build that’s flexible, tough, and yet extremely lightweight. 

“Because Grillamid also has a flexible nature… it’s more resistant to damage and snapping”

Grillamid is the same stuff ski boot manufacturers use to produce their extremely lightweight touring boots (Dynafit clearly have a bunch of it knocking around). The material’s lightweight and responsive qualities make it an ideal choice here. Because Grillamid also has a flexible nature, it means it’s more resistant to damage and snapping. With something like sunglasses, which can easily find themselves getting bashed around at the bottom of your ski touring backpack, this news is a godsend. 

Other reasons to buy these ski touring sunglasses include the seriously grippy temples and nose pads, which guarantee a secure hold when you’re moving around the mountains. Finally, there’s the lens. Dynatfit has called in the expertise from Italian-based Divel Optics to help on this front. The result of such a team-up means you’ll have vital protection during those high alpine ascents, protection that’s able to shield your eyes from all those horrible UVA, UVB and UVC rays. 

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