Best Ski Goggles For 2021

Looking for eye protection on the pistes? We’ve got you sorted with our essential guide to the best ski goggles

What is the most important bit of gear you can think of when it comes to skiing? Many would say it’s the skis you’re clipped into, the boots on your feet and the bindings, followed by other equipment such as ski jackets, ski pants, and gloves. They wouldn’t be wrong, of course, but one of the most important things you can do on those slopes is looking after your eyesight by investing in a pair of quality ski goggles. Your eyes are vital tools when skiing, and they need protection from elements like snow, wind, and harmful UV rays at all times.

It doesn’t matter what type of skier you consider yourself to be. Whether you have a penchant for alpine touring or love flipping out with freestyle skiing, you need to keep those peepers safe. Snow safety is something that always should be taken very seriously, and understanding the need for equipping yourself with a pair of goggles before hitting the powder is extremely important (don’t forget to equip yourself with the best avalanche safety gear as well).

“Your eyes are vital tools when skiing”

This core skiing tool will reduce glare from the white stuff thanks to specialised lenses that help to increase contrast and improve visibility when you’re high up on the slopes. Needless to say, they also look pretty cool don’t they? Very futuristic, very aesthetically pleasing. .

In this list below, you’ll find the perfect pair of ski goggles for you to take forth with you on your next ski trip (whenever, and wherever, that may be). From sustainable Swedish high performing eye-protectors to elite lenses that just ooze class and clarity from every direction, here’s a round up of the best ski goggles that money can buy.

Oakley Flight Path XL Goggles

Oakley Flight Path XL goggles

Price: £177


Two things are certain when it comes to an Oakley pair of goggles – they know how to make them, and they know exactly what skiers want. When it comes to making eyewear, Oakley always put on a spectacle (sorry, sorry about that).

The Oakley Flight Path XL are exactly what you want covering your eyes if you’re a skier who adores charging down a hill at full speed ahead. These sleek goggles were designed in collaboration with Norwegian World Cup alpine ski racer Aleksander Aamodt Kilde. Oakley have utilised his elite-level expertise and morphed it into a high quality ski goggle.

The RRP for this collaborative effort is a cool £177, which is pretty reasonable when you consider what’s gone into this fine piece of skiing equipment. The core design of this goggle is all about enhancing the skier’s field of view (FOV).

The Oakley Flight Path XL has a clever Ridgelock EV Lens System, which makes changing lenses an absolute delight. It’s a pair of goggles that offer excellent clarity.

We like this product, and we think you will too.

This product was selected for our Ski 100.

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Smith 4D Mag Goggles

Smith 4D Mag Goggles

Price: £250


Are you after a cinematic skiing experience? Well, a product with ‘4D’ in its name is going to bring you that blockbuster feel for sure. This is what you’ll be getting with the Smith 4D Mag goggles who have incorporated ‘4D’ technology into the construction. This allows for a clever lens set up, which will improve your peripheral view when speeding down those mountains.

It will set you back around £250 but, at the end of the day, you’re paying for a quality piece of kit with the Smith 4D Mag. This is a pair of goggles that brings to the table Smith’s ‘Birdseye Vision’ technology, allowing the user to have an extended field of view thanks to the ‘4D’ lens, which curves around the body of the frame.

This ultimately results in a 25% improved field of view over the standard 1/O Mag goggles. Something you will be thankful for when it comes to navigating yourself around obstacles. This pair of goggles are full to the brim with useful tech and, for us, that warrants the high cost. You can’t put a price on safety.

This product was selected for our Ski 100.

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Spektrum Templet Essential Goggles

Spektrum Templet Essential Goggles

Price: £104


Swedish – Sustainable – Spektrum

This isn’t an official brand slogan for sustainable Swedish based goggle manufacturer Spektrum, but it might as well be.

It’s clear to see that Spektrum wanted to make a statement with the Templet Essential. An RRP of £104 is an absolute bargain for what you’re getting with these goggles. We love what we’re seeing from Spektrum, and we think you will as well.

The modish design for these goggles is all thanks to one of Sweden’s most successful downhill world (and Olympic) champions, Ingemar Stenmark. His six decades of ski racing experience can be seen in every part of the Templet Essential goggles with its technical and smart design. The lens action is some of the best around with Spektrum favouring Zeiss optics, a very wise choice if you ask us.

The eco-credentials of these goggles make for very good reading as well. The Swedish company have made the frames out of plant-based biomaterials, with 64% of the product being made from corn.

Sustainable and with great specs, this is a nicely priced product that vows to protect your eyes on the slopes and your bank balance back home. Spektrum have shown that they can go lens-to-lens with the big boys like Oakley and Smith Optics, with the making of the Templet Essential.

This product was selected for our Ski 100.

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Smith Squad MAG Goggles

Smith Squad MAG Goggles

Price: £170


Smith Optics get 20 out of 20 for the visual experience they’ve created with the Squad MAG as they place their own unique style on what is a superb pair of goggles. The MAG system consists of six magnetic contact points and two locking mechanisms, with a simple click of a lever allowing for an effortless lens swap. Don’t you just love stuff like that?

The Squad MAG also comes with two interchangeable ChromaPop lenses with one made for bright light and the other used for lower light conditions. Both of them make for excellent clarity and bring the mountains to life as you shred down them with force.

If all this wasn’t enough, Smith have brought in AirEvac integration technology – designed to reduce fogging, the bane of a skier’s life. How much for these user-friendly goggles? Not as much as you’d probably think – a nice and respectful RRP of £170 will secure you the services of the epic Smith Squad MAG goggles.

A very adaptable pair of ski goggles and one that will make you the envy of all your skiing cohort.

This product was selected for our Ski 100.

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Oakley Flight Tracker XM Goggles

Oakley Flight Tracker XM Goggles

Price: £142


We told you they know how to make goggles. This point, as if it needed proving, has been proven with the creation of the Oakley Flight Tracker XM goggles. These things focus on providing an enhanced FOV thanks to the pulled down lower corners in the design (ideal if you’re going aerial and need to spot your landing).

The Flight Tracker is seen as an evolution of their Canopy goggle. It’s a welcome, and well-implemented, progression

Oakley has been kind to faces of all shapes and sizes, making this goggle in three different sizes. Oakley’s Prizm lens technology is a big enhancer of how you see contrast on mountains, so you shouldn’t need to swap lenses as much as you’d think.

At the RRP of £142, these are an obtainable pair of goggles that come with the Oakley seal of quality and design. If you live for hucking off stuff, then this is the perfect protection for you as you go for those big airtime specials.

Oakley’s were born to be on the slopes, and so were you, so why not put two and two together by getting yourself some beautifully designed Oakley Flight Trackers.

This product was selected for our Ski 100.

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Smith Wildcat Sunglasses

Smith Wildcat Sunglasses

Price: £175


The eagle-eyed readers here will notice that these are indeed sunglasses and not goggles. However, let’s not deny that these Smith Wildcat sunglasses are still a very good way to protect your eyes from UV rays up in the mountains. They look class.

The lens design of these sunnies is very striking. Smith has wrapped the lenses around the side of the sunglasses, eradicating any unnecessary frame that could limit your peripheral vision. This design is very beneficial to those skiers who like wearing sunglasses when they are travelling down the slopes at top speed.

These glasses use ChromaPop lenses, the same tech found in the Smith 4D Mag. This pair of sunglasses really do a grand job of enhancing your vision to a near enough superman level.

The price may be steep for a pair of shades, but you’ll be glad you bought them when you are in the steepness of the mountains and need protection from those damaging UV rays. If you want to shred in sunglasses, then these Wildcats are the way to go.

This product was selected for our Ski 100.

Read our review of the Smith Wildcat Sunglasses here.

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