1966 was a good year, wasn't it? Geoff Hurst, Bobby Moore, three lions on a red shirt and Jules Rimet still gleaming. Halcyon days, for sure. However, what if we told you that England winning the football World Cup wasn't the only thing of note to happen in 1966? What if we told you that it was also the year that two of the world's most famous Californian brands were founded?

The iconic brands we're talking about are, of course, The North Face and Vans. Two brands who built themselves up in the very different worlds of mountain climbing and skateboarding but who are united by the fact they were both born in The Golden State, in the same year, over half a century ago.

To celebrate their historic connection, Vans and The North Face have joined forces to produce a range of special edition shoes, jackets, and bags. Releasing a load of nice pictures to show off these reinterpreted classics with weatherised features, from a variety of lovely angles, we've actually lost count of how much time we've lost to looking longingly at them. Bootiful.


For more information on the TNF x Vans collaboration, visit the website.

Pictured: Vans x The North Face SK8-HI 46 MTE Shoes
Pictured: Vans x The North Face Base Camp Duffel Bag
Pictured: Vans x The North Face MTE Old Skool Shoes
With big 'The North Face' logos on the back of these sick creps, there's no mistaking who Vans have teamed up with.
Vans x The North Face. It'll be all-white (alright) on the night.
Available in black, or black and red, we're loving the SK8-HI 46 MTE Shoes

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