We've all got a friend who loves showing off his full sleeve tribal tattoo. Or that old fashioned pirate boat that he's got on his chest. Or maybe your friend got one those classy Disney character tattoos just above her arse that makes an appearance every time she Slut Drops.

And, shit, they don't half like showing them off. Granted, they always book end their boasting with "Dude, it's not even a big deal. Whaddaya looking at?".

Long story short, everyones inked buddies love to think their tatts are gnarly. However, none of them have got a patch onĀ Basma Hameed, who's tattooed her own face!

A world away from Kat Von Dee, Basma is an expert at Para-Medical Tattooing, and is helping scores of people cover up visible scaring. The process involved matching ink with a victims natural skin tone, and coving over scar tissue. The results are truly astounding.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 13.01.06

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 13.01.06

What's arguably most remarkable, is thatĀ Hameed developed her amazing skills on herself. Aged two, she was left badly scared following an accident with hot oil in the kitchen.

Plastic surgeons completed over 100 procedures on her, but advised that she'd never get rid of her unsightly scars. One specialist even suggested she save her money and spend it on a nice holiday instead.

Our heroine was having none of it though. She heard about, what at the time, was the emerging field of Para-Medical Tattooing, and immediately began training. Her skills developed quickly. Before long she began tattooing her own face - which, as on the job training goes, it pretty intense.

Word of Basma's skills has spread, and now people travel from around the world to her clinic in Toronto, Canada, in a bid to his unwanted tissue.

It kind of dicks on a much regretted Tweety Pie tattoo done in a bar in Magaluf, doesn't it.

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