Surfing Puns | 23 Surfing Jokes So Bad They’re Brilliant

Water we doing with our lives...?

Surfing Puns Are A Barrel of Laughs

Surfing puns! We know you love surfing, or you wouldn’t be here, and we know you love puns – because who doesn’t? – all of which means that we can happily now present to you the best five minutes of the rest of your lives.

We’ve got all the surfing puns you could possibly ask for, or to be more exact, we’ve got 23 of them, and they’re all so, so bad that they’re absolutely brilliant.

We challenge you to read all 23 of these out loud while staring deeply into someone else’s eyes and not crack up at some point. And yes, a concealed smirk counts.

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If you’re after surfing jokes though, you’re already in the right place. So without further ado…

1) A surfer smoked marijuana before riding some small waves. Apparently after, the tide was high.

2) I saw a man riding his surfboard on top of a Soleidae fish. He was a soul surfer.

3) My mate caught some waves between France and England then went home to flick through the TV. He was a channel surfer.

4) A friend once saw Kanye West, Jay-Z and Deadmau5 waving at them while he was surfing. It was a Tidal wave.

5) It was a warm day, but I knew how to keep cool as soon as I saw Mick fanning.

Mick Fanning along side teenage cancer patient Ben Beasley – Photo: Jared Williams

6) I hosted a comedy festival while on a surfboard. It was a barrel of laughs.

7) It’s always been my ambition to be a champion surfer, but I’ve just got so much on at the moment. It’s a pipe dream.

8) I securely put away my wallet and phone, made sure I had all my stuff then headed out to the waves. It was lock, stock and barrel.

9) I always take out insurance before I surf in case the waves start breaking.

10) I loved surfing in the 1950s. It was always just swell.

11) The CEO turned up for his first day on a surfboard carrying a three-piece Armani dripping with water. He misunderstood when he was told to bring a wetsuit.

12) Kelly Slater arrived at a shop with immaculate customer service. As soon as he walked in they asked “are you being surfed?”

13) I saw a melancholy surfer catch a wave another dude was already riding. It was his drop in the ocean.

14) The medieval longboarder needed a way to relax when he found out 20 traitors were plotting against him. In the end, he decided to just hang ten.

15) We hated the try-hard newbie until he made us all burgers. Great kook.

16) Apparently Laird Hamilton can even ride big waves with one foot off the board in the water. He calls it tow in toe-in surfing.

Photo: Connor Baxter

17) My friend looked all duck-faced grumpy. I guessed he had bailed hard, so I asked him, “why-pout?”

18) The surfer was confused when he was asked to carve the turkey on Christmas Day. His eventual attempt raised a lot of questions around the table, and left his Christmas present covered in turkey.

19) Having rejected the turtle roll, the vegetarian surfer ending up eating the wave.

20) Jeff wanted to grab food but I told him I was meeting Gabriel for Me-dina.

21) The first time he tried to surf the web he ended up breaking his surfboard.

22) He said “my name is John John”. I told him “great to meet you John but my name is Stuart”.

…and finally:

23) How do surfers say hello to each other? NO, THEY DON’T WAVE BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY. They shaka their hands. And then they wave. And then they say What’s SUP (If they’re also stand-up paddlers). You’re welcome.

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