Cities. They're a pretty common thing, aren't they? Cities over there. Cities over here. Cities everywhere. Big cities. Small cities. Average-sized cities. Good cities. Bad cities. Hull. So many cities.

Now, when you're doing the whole travel thing; it's likely that you're seeing the majority of these cities at ground level. Sure, you might have caught a bird's-eye glimpse of them from an airplane window or gone up a skyscraper or something...but usually you're only seeing these urban spaces from terra firma.

These awesome photographs from the AirPano team, however, are an incredible top-down look at some of the world's most iconic destinations. Check out them rooftops, yo'.

1) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Picture via

Dubai AirPano

2) Rome, Italy

Picture via

Rome AirPano

3) Budapest, Hungary

Picture via

Budapest AirPano

4) Paris, France

Picture via

Paris AirPano

5) St. Petersburg, Russia

Picture via

st petersburg

6) Hong Kong

Picture via

Hong Kong AirPano

7) Madrid, Spain

Picture via

madrid AirPano

8) Barcelona, Spain

Picture via

Barcelona AirPano

9) New York, USA

Picture via

New York AirPano

10) Jaipur, India

Picture via

Jaipur AirPano

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