10 Essential Things For A Gap Year To Australia

Going on a gap year to Australia? Here's some of the items you need to pack.

So, you’re going on a gap year to Australia? You’re probably going to do some packing before you go, am I right? But, what exactly do you need to pack?

Well, that’s where Mpora comes in with this list of essential things you need to take with you. All the most important stuff is collected here; everything you’ll need for your gap year down under. Grab a pen, grab a sheet of paper, and make some notes. We’re only going to say this once.

1) Travel Towel

When you’re on gap year, hauling everything you own around Australia in a backpack, you’ll thank us for this tip. The adventure market is littered with a variety of travel towels suitable for your gap year, but if you want a recommendation we’d go for the SoftFibre Trek Travel Towel from LifeVenture.

The SoftFibre Trek Towel dries eight times faster than a beach towel, and can absorb nine times its own weight in water. It’s also extremely compact, and folds up into a tough ripstop carry case. All in all, this towel is perfect for your gap year to Australia.


2) Power Monkey

Australia is a big old place, which means you’re not always going to be near a power socket. But, of course, no power means no way of charging your camera and/or phone.

Without your camera and/or phone, you’re not going to be able to take photographs and show everyone on Instagram what a great time you’re having on your gap year. Disaster!

Thankfully, someone has come up with a solution and that solution is the solar-powered Power Monkey gadget. If you’re going to Australia on a gap year, you really should take one of these along for the ride.

Initially, the £65 retail price might seem like a big spend. When it’s getting you out of a tight spot in the middle of the Outback, though, we think you’ll be glad to have one.


3) Sun Protection


This isn’t exactly a breaking news story, but Australia can be a really hot place when it wants to be. If you’re going there on your gap year, you’ll want to take some sun cream with you (unless you enjoy burning up like a lobster, in which case leave the sun cream at home).

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Australia was in 1960, when southern parts of the country hit 50.7C. If you’re going to spend an entire gap year knocking around in a place that has the potential to get this hot, be sure to take some sun protection with you. You won’t regret it.


4) Travel Locks

Wherever you spend your gap year, whether it’s in Australia or somewhere else, keeping your possessions as secure as possible is always a good idea. Don’t forget, you’re miles away from home and living your life to a budget. Travel insurance is always a good idea, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra-cautious (especially when it comes to your suitcase).

You don’t want to be worrying about misplacing your keys so make sure you get a combination lock. Be sure to make the number combination easy enough to remember, but not so easy that someone could crack it in under ten seconds.

Of course, just because your luggage is locked up doesn’t mean someone couldn’t just pick up your bag and walk away with it. To prevent this from happening, and ruining your gap year as a result, we recommend purchasing a Mini Cable Lock. This will allow you to attach your bag to a bed frame, or a pipe, and prevent someone from stealing your possessions.


5) Camera

So, you’re travelling round Australia on your gap year? You’ll probably want to capture some of those memories. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a GoPro, a DSLR, a cheap and cheerful compact; just make sure you take a camera with you.

Not only are cameras a great way to document some of the best times you will ever have, they’re also a handy way of finding out what happened the night before (after waking up with complete memory loss, and the world’s worst hangover).


6) Condoms

You’re on your gap year in Australia, having the time of your life in some random bar, when you meet someone your sexually attracted to. And, guess what? That person is sexually-attracted to you too. Result!

Rather than spending the early hours of the morning scrabbling around town trying to find somewhere that sells condoms, or skipping the recommended protection entirely, always have some Durex in your backpack. You might not get lucky but, if you do, it’s good practice to be prepared.


7) Passport

When discussing essential items for your gap year to Australia, telling you to pack your passport might sound a bit obvious. However, did you know that many places (including Australia and Thailand) won’t let you into the country if your passport is due to expire within six months of your arrival date…

Make sure your passport is up to date and, if it puts your mind at ease, photocopy it and keep those pages with your other important documents. Or, if you want to be a bit cool and modern, why not e-mail a copy of it to yourself so you always have a proof of origin with you?


8) Ear Plugs

If you’re travelling around Australia, on your gap year, you’re probably going to stay in some pretty busy hostels. Hostels are, of course, totally fine if you’re looking for budget accommodation. However, if you’re sharing with a noisy snorer or a couple that like to get down and dirty on a regular basis; it’s a good idea to take some ear plugs with you.

Put these in your ears and get the sleep you’ll so desperately need. Travelling can be tiring, so it’s really important you recharge your batteries from time to time.


9) Wet Wipes

This might sound like a bit of a weird one but when you’re travelling round Australia you’re bound to get a bit hot and sweaty at some point. And, as we’ve mentioned already, the temperature can really hit the high notes on the thermometers.

A packet of wet wipes are absolutely ideal if you want to freshen up in the heat, but don’t have immediate access to a shower. Nobody wants to be friends with the smelly guy, so make sure you’ve always got some disposable cleansing cloths knocking around.


10) iPod/iPhone

As we’ve mentioned already, Australia is a pretty big place. When you’re travelling from location to location, during your gap year, it’s essential you have something to listen to. Whatever your genre, whatever your sound, just make sure you’ve got a portable music player of some sort.

The best thing about listening to music on your Australian gap year, is that you’ll always associate the tunes you listened to with that time you met a kangaroo, or went surfing for the first time, or got smashed on a pack of XXXX Gold. Even when the trip is finished, you’ll always have the songs.

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