Sally CrossFit Blackfriars

Don’t fancy doing muscle ups down the local box but want to add a bit of CrossFit action to your training?


Try the Sally CrossFit workout. It requires no equipment, is less than four minutes long, and can be incorporated into your normal gym routine. A serious squat workout, it's a real leg and glute burner.

Sally was originally tweeted by World Crossfit Champ Rich Froning back in 2013 as a challenge to his followers. Since then, it’s been performed  by boxes across the world and has become a bona fide CrossFit classic.

Rich suggested using a weighted barbell as you squat, but remember, he’s an absolute animal. Beginners should do bodyweight squats, you'll still get a great workout. If you’re feeling strong, you could try holding a kettle bell under your chin throughout.

How to do the Sally workout

1. Download Flower by Moby or listen to it on Youtube

2. Every time the song says ‘Bring Sally down’ you squat down and hold until you hear ‘Bring Sally up.’ Repeat for the duration.

3. That’s it, that simple (although you might not think so when you're hanging round at the bottom of a squat, your shaking, quivering legs waiting for Sally to be brought the chuff up!)