Top 5 Skate Spots in Europe

We know what it’s like: you can spend all day trying to find the best skate spot to have a bit of a session but it’s disappointing when you don’t find one that fulfils your skateboarding needs. Life’s tough sometimes but maybe we can make it that little bit easier!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 popular skate spots in Europe. You’ve probably seen them in videos, you’ve probably seen them in photos but what we will say is that you should probably give them a visit if you’re nearby!

1. Southbank, London, UK.

Southbank is easily the most iconic skate spot in the UK and has a well deserved place on our list. After kicking off many pro-skater’s careers, being graced by many famous skaters, it seems that Southbank is headed for closure. Some development fat-cats want to get rid of it all together, despite a letter from Tony Hawk and much protesting. We’ll see what happens but you should probably check it out before it goes.

Southbank, London, UK

If you fancy helping to save Southbank then head over to

2. MACBA, Barcelona, Spain.

MACBA stands for the Museum for Art Contemporary Barcelona so you can guess where you’ll find this spot. It might be the most spoken about skate spot in Lonely Planet without even mentioning it’s a skate spot! It’s pretty much one long, smooth granite ledge. There’s also a sizeable 3 set at the back that you’ve probably seen on more than one occasion!

MACBA, Barcelona, Spain

3. Le Dome, Paris, France.

Le Dome is The Palais de Tokyo, Modern and Contemporary Art Museum in Paris. Simple as that. It’s got a fair few spots but watch out for a lot of broken paving slabs. It’s been skated more than once!

Le Dome, Paris, France.

4. Kulturforum, Berlin, Germany.

Some skaters call it ‘heaven’ but it’s a pretty strong word to throw around! It’s definitely up there as one of the best spots in he world, let alone Europe! It’s turned from a construction site in 1992 to a place that needs to be on everyone’s skateboarding bucket list.

Kulturforum, Berlin, Germany

5. Train Station, Milan, Italy.

One of the easiest places to find would have to be the Train Station in Milan. It’s something of a mecca for Italian skateboarders and makes it into our top 5 list.

Train Station, Milan, Italy

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