Think back to when you were seven years old. What did you spend your down time doing? If you were anything like us, between tantrums and naps, you'll have spent most of your time pretending you were a fire engine and plotting how to make absolutely everything out of jelly.

Canadian Maddox Mattes, however, is a little different. The little ripper spends as much time as life will allow sliding sideways down mountains. Now, we see a staggering amount of kids snowboarding these days, so it takes something special for somebody to stand out.

And stand out Maddox does. At such a tiny age, he's already styling airs twice as high as himself like they aren't shit. And his rail game is enough to make most snowboarders of any age envious. Hell, we'll even forgive him that sneaky Tindy.

Photo: YouTube

At this rate, Maddox could progress to take snowboarding as far as he wants. That said, as long as he's having fun, riding with his old man, who cares about the future.

Man, we know the sun's only just started shining, but winter can't come quickly enough.

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