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9 Of The Best Running Apps | How To Put The Fun Back Into Your Runs

Find running is lacking the fun factor lately? Why not try going the extra mile with our selection of the best running apps around. These will have you sprinting into 2021 and beyond

Running is a type of universal language spoken freely by the novice park joggers all the way up to the elite marathoners. No matter the level of the runner though, it’s always good practice to switch up the runs with some variety whenever possible. But how do you add variety to one of the most repetitive workouts in the world? Well, you could start by downloading these fun running apps and putting some joy back into those runs.

Zombies, Run!

Are you getting tired of the same mundane running routes day in day out? If the answer is yes, then why not try transforming them into zombie-infested pathways instead. The app Zombies, Run! allows the user to do exactly this by letting them wreak virtual havoc as they must escape zombie hordes in this interactive running game.

The experience is started by selecting a mission from the list. Each one has various distances and speeds, with the user needing to ensure they keep up the targeted pace in order to survive. The fun in this running app is all in the audio with radio communication from your team members, story plot twists, and zombie screams all coming through the headphones.

“Take on this zombie challenge with extreme caution”

Of course this wouldn’t be a zombie survival experience without the collecting of supplies now, would it? The app scatters various items across the map (your running route) as you attempt to collect them and reach the safe house before the timer stops.

Take on this zombie challenge with extreme caution. You never know when the real thing might happen, it could be just around the corner, and if that’s the case, then you better make sure you’re all stocked up with all the latest survival tools. Get yourself on to NightGear if you do need to prep for the real thing.


Going on a run while listening to music can be a major motivation for some people. In actual fact, sometimes it’s the only reason they take up the hobby in the first place. The key is to never underestimate the power of the perfect playlist; it can seriously up your pace and send you on your way to beating that PB.

“The key is to never underestimate the power of the perfect playlist”

It now appears that this process has been revolutionised by RockMyRun. This music app uses a new technology called One-of-a-kind Body-Driven Music™. It helps produce readings of the intensity of your runs by measuring steps and heart rate. The innovative RockMyRun will then pick music to match the tempo of your run by measuring your BPM (beats per minute).

The customisation of this app is a nice touch, and you can even pick music categories that align with your taste so you’ll never reach for the skip button again. The app also includes music from world-renowned DJs such as David Guetta, Afrojack, and Major Lazer.

No matter if you’re in training for a 5k, 10k, or a marathon, you can be certain that RockMyRun will give you a fun music-filled experience with a genre for every type of runner.

Runtopia Running Workout

The rewards from running are there to be reaped. Going on just one run a week can aid you in losing weight and toning those muscles. Now, what if we told you that going on a few more could get you free gift cards and prizes. Would you then commit to pounding the pavement a bit more?

Runtopia Running Workout is the app that is looking to reward you for each run you record as you earn digital currency from steps and daily activity. This ‘digital currency’ can then be exchanged for gift cards and various subscriptions.

Sadly this app doesn’t reward you with free running shoes but don’t worry too much because it rewards you with free doughnuts instead. Which is exactly the sugary snack you’ll need after racking up the mileage on this rewarding running app.


When an app has 55 million users, you know it’s going to be an elite running tracker and that’s exactly what Strava is. The people’s favourite is clearly a frontrunner on the market with its gamified features that the user can immerse themselves in from casual jogging to trail running.

The app records running speed, distance, time, and route where it maps out your run and measures it for you. Strava also offers leaderboards, achievements, and challenges as you battle to be the best amongst your friends and local runners.

Strava is free, but a premium subscription will include training plans, route planning, and access to all the leaderboards.


The coronavirus pandemic signified the closure of gyms up and down the country. This has resulted in plenty of people doing their exercise regime from the boredom of their own homes.

Zwift is here to help enhance those surroundings with a virtual reality running experience to add to those treadmill runs. Zwift will take you outside those four walls and install some enjoyment into those home workouts.

“A virtual reality running experience”

The virtual courses are beautifully designed and offer an entertaining way to enjoy stay-at-home exercise without the feeling that you’re going a little bit stir-crazy. You can even challenge friends to a time trial as well.

You’ll need a compatible treadmill to get Zwift working – the company lists compatible models on their website. The app is free to use and can even be used at gyms when they are fully open again. So if you’ve got the compatible equipment, then Zwift is a unique pixelated way to enjoy those at home runs.

Charity Miles

Imagine a world where running your miles meant cash was being made for a charitable cause. Surely you’d have no trouble staying motivated and keeping on track with your runs then. Well, with Charity Miles that’s exactly the case. This creation converts your miles into cash for charity and good causes.

They support over 40 charitable organisations, which include causes ranging from ALS to cancer. It’s one of the most selfless ways to run, and it’s got some great social tools that enable you to exercise and raise money with your friends.

“It’s one of the most selfless ways to run”

All you have to do is lace up those trainers and get yourself running. It doesn’t matter the distance; earn money for your chosen charity by doing just one mile.

The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game

Don’t be fooled by the name. This is very much a running app, or should we say a running game. The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game has captivating software that makes it stand out from the competition. Once more, it’s a great way to get you and the children being active together with its interactive storyline.

Every step you take in the game has some type of importance. You decide if you want to walk or run your way through the story, and the more distance you cover, the more levels you unlock.

The running app will also act as a tracker if you want to get some casual cardio in. Although it would seem the main enjoyment of this app comes when the whole family is involved in a running adventure.

Spotify Music

Spotify may be known as one of the world’s most popular music apps, but did you know it can be used for running as well? Or at least, it can be, if you’re smart about it.

It has a world of music, podcasts, and interviews just waiting to be discovered, and it could be the app that keeps your runs interesting. One day you’ll find yourself listening to a carefully selected playlist that you can match the duration of how long you want to run for. Another day you could be listening to that podcast you’ve been putting off for the last few months. The running opportunities are really endless when it comes to Spotify Music.

It even has a running mode that can detect the tempo you’re running at. It will then select songs that match your running speed.


What’s all the hoot – it’s Komoot.

This app will automatically turn you into the explorer you always wanted to be by presenting you with mesmerising ready-built routes in your area. The routes can be deciphered by distance, difficulty, and public transport links. With Komoot, you’ll never have another dull run again and can go forth and explore the beautiful locations that the UK has to offer.

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Alongside discovering made routes, Komoot gives you an option to plan out your own epic adventures and upload them for others to enjoy as well. If you’re looking for an app that’s going to provide you with stimulating trail runs, then congratulations you’ve found it.


With these running apps, you can now take massive strides into putting the fun back into your run. Whether it be racing through a route full of zombies or going the extra mile for charity.

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