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Watch: The Floating Cloud City That’s Causing People To Lose Their Minds

There's some seriously weird stuff going on in the skies above China.

Screen Shot: YouTube (Paranormal Crucible).

Has anyone played Bioshock Infinite? Anyone? Anyone?! If you have, you might already be familiar with the concept of a floating city in the clouds. If you’ve never played it, that’s OK, please feel free to ignore this opening gambit. We’ll stop talking about a video game and explain what the hell is going on here (as best we can…because this is a pretty strange story).

Extraordinary cloud formations have appeared over the city of Foshan, in the Guandong province of China. The remarkable shape of these clouds brought people to a standstill because of their similarity to the tower blocks and skyscrapers of a modern city. Footage of this seriously spooky phenomenon, which reportedly lasted no more than a few minutes, has appeared online and has left internet commentators absolutely baffled. The surreal video can be seen in this article (see further down).

Screen Shot: YouTube (Paranormal Crucible).

Numerous experts have pointed out that this sort of stuff is a common optical mirage, and that everyone should stay calm down. But, in the age of the internet, people very rarely stay calm. And so, a number of pretty extreme theories have emerged; some vaguely plausible, some less so.

Some internet users claimed the footage is evidence of “Project Blue Beam technology.” This is a conspiracy theory based on the idea that NASA, at some point in the future, will attempt to simulate the second coming of Christ or an alien invasion. We’re not really sure why NASA would want to do such a thing but, heck, why the hell not? It’s not like they’ve got anything else to be getting on with (like finding water on Mars, for example).

We’ve just googled the theory and it’s basically about the secret plans of society’s elite to introduce a new age global religion that will help them to maintain control over the masses and cement their established power. So, it’s either that (not the most likely explanation, admittedly) or an optical illusion common in cloud formations? Well, not necessarily.

Image: (Project Blue Beam).

One commentator, by the name of the of Goe Bann, threw out two explanations for the weird-cloud-thing when he said: “What if it really is a city from a parallel universe? Or maybe a glimpse into the future?”

Of course, outlandish suggestions such as these have been dismissed by experts who argue that these visages are just the human eye playing tricks on the mind. They see this an example of light bending in such a way as to make objects and things appear to be higher and larger than they actually are. One such mirage phenomenon is called Fata Morgana.  This occurs when rays of light change direction as they pass through layers of air that vary in temperature.

There is, understandably perhaps, some people who question the validity of the video (which is a fairly sketchy watch, to say the least). Many have claimed this is just the work of Photoshop wizardry, presumably while shouting “FAKE” loudly and repeatedly at their computer screen.

Where do you stand on this? Is it the real deal, a load of bullshit, a trick of the light, or something more sinister? Please, as always, let us know your thoughts on the back of a postcard/social media. Thanks.

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