Some people drive over bridges, some climb to the top without a harness... Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Welcome to the Russky Bridge in Russia. It’s 3,100m long, 29.5m wide, 320.9m high, and these Russian teenagers just made a ridiculously dangerous, completely unharnessed climb to the top of it with a camera strapped to their heads.

Now, we know that the good old Russky was built to bridge the Easter Bosphorus Strait and serve the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference of 2012 – because, well, who doesn’t know that? – but we definitely think that this is a much more entertaining use of the structure.

Not that we’d recommend giving this a go at your local death trap of course. You would have to be absolutely mad to do this, and judging by the shot on which this video finished, the duo almost definitely fit that bill.

If you have vertigo, probably best not to give this a watch. If not, then here you go – the crazy Russians strike again:

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