Remember last year when everyone was bringing out their own drone? Even pro snowboarder Xavier de le Rue was getting involved, after launched his HEXO+.

But this might be the best drone we've seen yet. It's called the AirDog - it's ready for you to pre-order and it looks rad.

Firstly, it is completely autonomous - which in plain English means it follows you around automatically, using the Air Leash - a watch-style remote control.

It's also pretty damn small. Forget lugging around a big heavy gadget and constantly worrying one of the arms will snap off. The AirDog is collapsible and fits nicely into your backpack.

The crew behind it launched a Kickstarter campaign back in June and raised $1.3 million. It's even gone on to win Best of Robotics/Drones Award 2015 at giant tech show CES in Las Vegas.

Is this the best drone the world has seen so far? You decide...

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