Meet Derby, the dog that dreamt of running. Unfortunately, the husky was born with deformed front legs, meaning that getting around was difficult. His owners tried getting him one of the wheeled carts you've probably seen.

However, being so big, it meant that Derby couldn't go and play with other dogs. When all seemed lost, along came 3D Systems guys. They're experts in making 3D printed items, and they had an idea; why not print Derby some new legs?

derby legs

derby legs

Recent advances in the way that objects - including dog legs - can be scanned, means that items can not only be printed that are absolutely precise, but can also be produced, altered, and reproduced in no time at all.

The result? A pair of prosthetic legs, and a dog so happy it'll warm even the most cynical of hearts.

dog with 3d printed legs

dog with 3d printed legs

Of course, the best part of all this are the possibilities that Derby and his 3D legs represent. If running legs for playful huskies can be printed, what else can?

Prosthetic limbs, specifically designed and tailored not only to individuals, but also to the activity they want to undertake.

This revolutionary technology has the power to be genuinely life changing for a lot of people. Just ask Derby.

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