But it does look pretty cool. Coming soon to a hipster tech startup near you! Photo: RAAAF Architects

Let's face it, no-one aspires to having a desk job. When you ask little kids what they want to do when they grow up, "accountant" doesn't usually feature up there with the likes of "fireman" or "astronaut" does it?

But what if your desk wasn't a desk, but an enormous climbing rock? What if a mundane job didn't mean sitting down in a swivel chair all day?

What if getting to boring management meetings involved scrambling up a section of boulder?

"What if your desk wasn't a desk, but an enormous climbing rock?"

That's exactly what these Dutch architects are proposing. Artist Barbara Visser joined forces with Architects RAAF to create "a workplace where the chair and the table are no longer the starting point."

The idea was apparently inspired by a variety of studies (and one BBC article in particular) which showed that the sedentary lifestyle of most office workers was bad for the health.

While the BBC suggested "standing desks" these Dutch wizards went one step further. Their design is "a large rock-like structure," which offers a "thousand different possibilities for working in positions between standing and laying."

These are designed to keep people "both physically and mentally active" as they go about their day.

So you could be reading a report while lying down on a ledge, then scramble up a slope to join a meeting in a cave-like cubby hole, before abseiling 10 feet down to squat between two of your colleagues and write a couple of emails.

Sounds a lot more fun than shuffling over to the watercooler again doesn't it?

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