How Do You Backflip On Skis? 5 Of The Best Ski Lesson Videos About Tricks On YouTube

With a little help from these online ski lessons, you'll be an elite freestyle skier before you know it.

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Once you’ve mastered the basics of skiing, it’s easy to let your mind wander here, there, and everywhere. Last week, you were learning how to parallel ski. This week, you’re eyeing up the snow park on the ski area map and dreaming about bagging your very first sponsorship deal. But, hold on one minute cowboy. Do you actually know what you’re doing? We’d guess that you do not. Not yet, at least.

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In the age of the internet, skiers are spoilt for choice when it comes to video ski tutorials. Rather than just doing something over and over again without any understanding of what’s going wrong and what needs to be done to make it right like they did back in the day, skiers can now do a quick bit of googling and learn top tips from dedicated YouTube channels in a matter of minutes. The world wide web means it’s never been easier to share ideas about skiing with people from every corner of the globe, and this of course has had a knock on effect in the ways in which skiers evolve.

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Now, of course, we’re not saying that just because something is on the internet you can take its content as gospel. The internet is filled with a lot of grade-a nonsense, created by people who don’t even know how to spell ‘ski’ let alone how to talk you through the finer points of a 50/50 box slide. Fortunately for you, we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and put together this useful list of online video ski lessons. Specifically ones that focus on nailing tricks, and looking cool while doing it.

1) The 10 First Tricks To Learn On Skis – Stomp It Tutorials

If you don’t know your pop from your Panda Pop or your riding switch from your adjustable light switch, you need Jens from Stomp It Tutorials. Jens from Stomp It Tutorials not only has the facial hair of a musketeer, a cool hat, and a nice pair of shades – he’s also pretty great at talking you through the progression of your first 10 ski tricks through the YouTube medium.

This video is less than 4 minutes long so if you’re looking for Encyclopaedic levels of info on each of the first 10 tricks, you’ll need to look elsewhere. If, however, you want a clear and concise overview of the first 10 ski tricks and some gold-plated nuggets of advice thrown in for good measure then this video is pure perfection. A great online ski lesson, and an excellent introduction to the world of ski tricks. Did we mention Jens has a cool hat? Seriously. You need to see this thing. It’s maroon.

2) How To Grind On Skis

It’s hard to be 100% certain because the instructor in this video never takes off his helmet and goggles, but we’ve got a pretty strong suspicion that the host of this online ski lesson video is none other than Napoleon Dynamite himself. Yes, we’re aware that Napoleon Dynamite is a fictional character but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a mildly funny observation.

This video nicely breaks down the basic technique for grinding on skis. Everything, from how your feet should be set up to the way your body should be weighted, is explained in a clear and simple way. If you haven’t got a clue how to grind on skis, this informative video should be one of your first port of calls. 

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3) How To Execute A 360 Using Your Skis

Nothing says “Hey world. I’m a badass skier” quite like a 360. A well executed 360, in particular, can be your calling card to the world. A calling card that shows the skiing community you mean business.

This video here, shot at the indoor snow centre in Hemel Hempstead, is a decent little introduction to some of the 360’s fundamentals. One watch of this video won’t instantly transform you into Candide Thovex, but it should be considered part of your homework. Get it on the list.

4) How To Backflip On Skis

Backflipping on skis is an intimidating beast, there’s no doubt about it. This great nine minute video from Ski Addiction though will make you believe you’re capable of doing them. So, prepare to be inspired.

Overcoming the psychological hurdle is, like with so many ski tricks, often as big an aspect as learning the technique itself. That’s not to say technique isn’t important, far from it; it’s just that the confidence you’ll get from watching this type of video could be just the kick you need to go out and experiment.

In this online ski lesson, Dave Weale and Brenden Reid will teach you the finer points of backflipping. They’ll take you from the trampoline, to the swimming pool, to the airbag, and eventually to the park itself. And they’ll do it in such a way that every step feels like a logical and safe progression to the ultimate goal: bossing backflips on your skis.

5) How To Nose Butter On Skis

Tell your grandparents that you want to learn how to nose butter, and they’ll look at you with a mixture of confusion and concern in their eyes.

“You want to do what with my tub of Utterly Butterly?” they’ll say.

And then you’ll laugh. Laugh a lot. Laugh like a maniac.

Anyway, where were we? Ah, yes. Learning how to nose butter on skis. One of the best online ski lesson videos for all things butter-based is offered up by Stomp It Tutorials (the same Stomp It Tutorials who we discussed earlier in this article – in regards to their ‘The 10 First Tricks To Learn On Skis’ video). Maybe you remember Jens. Remember Jens? Remember his cool maroon hat? Heady days.

A solid nose butter is a rad thing for any skier to have up their sleeve, and this video is a handy intro to the art form as well as an informative reference point for people wanting to butter up the ski areas like it was some sort of buttery biscuit base and life itself was just one big episode of Masterchef.

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