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With so many hoodies to choose from, how do you know which one to buy? We're here to help

The ten best hoodies today are more than just items of clothing. Unlike virtually everything else you wear, they represent more than just a sweater with a hood. A former British Prime Minster was so enamoured with the items of clothing that he urged the nation to hug a hoodie, but in reality, it’s the hoodie that hugs us, isn’t it. Warm, indulgent, cosy, and only occasionally stained with a bit of prawn bhuna from that takeaway you had last Wednesday night, what’s not to love?

Let’s celebrate this wardrobe essential, by looking at some of the best hoodies you can buy today.

1) RVCA Big Rvca Pullover Hoody – £49.99

California based RVCA are synonymous with board sports, with a roster of skateboarding and surfing’s great and good on their books. With that kind of heritage, it’s no surprise that they’re turning out top quality garms like this Big Pullover Hoody. The cotton blend is warm and comfortable, and the branding is clean and minimal.

Where You Would Wear This

Sunday morning is slowly turning into Sunday afternoon and your hangover has developed into the now familiar, yet still unnerving, existential crisis. Despite needing the toilet for the past three hours, you’ve not moved from that spot on the sofa since you crawled there sometime during that early morning screening of Match Of The Day. Little Mix are helping Simon make a vegan lasagne on Sunday Brunch, which only adds to you questioning quite how life has got you to this point.

You need your mum, but she’s 200 miles away in the rural village you grew up in. An involuntary tear rolls down your cheek. You know the one thing you need – a hug  from your mum, reassuring you everything is going to be OK – isn’t going to materialise. But then you remember you’ve got the next best thing. Tucked under the sofa is your RVCA Big Pullover Hoodie. You slip it on and instantly feel that comforting, warm embrace. Maybe everything will be alright. Maybe you’ll make it through Sunday. Thanks RVCA.

2) North Face Drew Peak Pullover Hood – £69.99

The North Face are now established as not only one of the best outdoor brands in the world, but one of the most recognisable companies on the planet, thanks to their consistently high quality clothing. Made from 100 per cent cotton, this dark hoodie is everything you’d expect from something bearing that North Face name.

Where You Would Wear This

“Fancy going shopping in town 2day.” reads the WhatsApp message. The answer, of course, is no. You only get two days off a week and the last thing you want to do is go walking around the Bull Ring while Alistair talks you through his payment plan on his new Jaguar. The alternative, however, is finally putting up that flat-pack wardrobe you promised you’d build a month ago and still haven’t. Shopping it is. You pull on your black North Face hoodie, match it up with your gilet, and slip on your box fresh sneakers. Alistair wanted a pair and couldn’t get them. You’ll wait until you’re in Starbucks before you mention it. See him squirm over his Grande Chai Latte.


3) Wear Colour Bowl Pullover Hoody – £84.99

Formerly known as ColourWear, WearColour are the Swedish ski and snowboard brand that brought clean lines and bold design to the mountains when everybody else was obsessed with earthy tones or big, bold blocks of colour. This Bowl Pullover Hoody is ideal for a day hooning around the mountains. The cotton/polyester mix fleece will keep you warm, the SwiftDry technology will wick sweat away and keep moisture at bay, and touches like the thumb hooks and face mask will covered from the elements.

Where You Would Wear This

You’ve got friends round and you’re having a perfectly civilised evening because, let’s face it, it’s kind of who you are now. The days of  two litre bottles of cider are well behind you. Hell, the days of sub £5 wine are behind you. You and your friends talk about the Turner prize and how fashionable veganism has become.

“Alexa. Louder” you instruct when your favourite Badly Drawn Boy song shuffles to the top of your online playlist. The patio doors are open and Jo is feeling the cold a bit, so you get her a top from upstairs. You don’t let your smugness show as you hand her your WearColour hoodie, but you’ve sent everyone the signal that, despite all the maturing affectations around you, you’re still hip. And not just regular hip, Scandi hip.

4) Nike SB Essential Icon Bubblegum Pack Pullover Hoody – £54.99

The 80/20 cotton poly mix on this Nike SB hoodie makes for a top that’s not just warm, but pretty hard wearing as well. The fit is quite snug, which is ideal if you’re moving around a lot, let’s say skateboarding. The brushed fleece lining will keep you feeling cosy all day, even if you are rolling around Morrisons car park.

Where You Would Wear This

Your housemates from Uni are visiting this weekend and, despite being spoilt for choice when it comes to pubs and bars you’ve taken them to the least impressive old man pub you could find.  “What’s up? Too real for you” you suggest when Mike notices that the once patterned carpet is now shiny and black after years of spilt drinks. You greet an unimpressed local with “alright pal” to show your friends quite how at home you feel. “Nice jumper” he replies, noticing your pink Nike hoodie. Its fine that he doesn’t like it. He’s not supposed to. Your mates from Uni are silently impressed. You win this round.

5) Volcom Deadly Stones Pullover Hoody – £47.99

We may not be a bunch of Gok Wans here at Mpora Towers, but we do know two things that never seem to go out of fashion; hoodies and camo print. This Volcom Deadly Stones hoodie is a sure fire hit, this year, next year, and the one after. The cotton/poly mix is warm and durable, and the fleece lining is warm and comfy against your skin.

Where You Would Wear This

For the first time in 18 days you’ve woke up without the sound of snoring. The makeshift bed in the back of your converted 1992 LDV Royal Mail Van has never felt so comfortable, thanks to Stu hooking up with that woman from Capbreton and therefore opting for the tent. La Sud is supposedly pumping this morning so you pull on your wettie and your Bad Stones hoodie, grab your board and run the five minutes down to the sea. It’s flat. Boff.

6) Adidas Snowboarding Team Tech Pullover Hoody – £84.95

Since launching a snow range adidas have kept things low key and credible. This black as night snowboarding hoodie fits that bill perfectly. Made from a sweat wicking polyester/elastane mix, it has a DWR coating to keep moisture at bay all day. The loose fit means you can stuff enough layers underneath and wear it as an outer layer, so you can get those first lifts even on the coldest of winter days.

Where You Would Wear This

At roughly the same speed as a glacier, you ascend the mighty Tamworth Alps on the magic carpet escalator thing, looking out over the majesty of the Snowdome. “Ah man, it’s just like being back in Alaska” you suggest. “How would you know” replies Oli, deftly dodging your attempt at ironic levity and immediately seizing on the opportunity to take the piss.

At times like this, you question your friendship. After all, man, what does he really bring to the table? Not wanting to kill the vibe you silently console yourself with the knowledge that he looks like a kook in his massive purple puffa jacket, and you look legit in your oversized Adi hoodie.

7) O’Neill Hybrid Fleece – £65.99

This fleece hoodie from O’Neill is loud and proud, with styling borrowed directly from those retro ski suits you often see the hip young things wearing at après. Made from 100 per cent polyester, it’s durable, yet the fleece lining is really soft and cosy. And as if the colour scheme wasn’t bright enough, O’Neill have added reflective elements to ensure you’re always going to be noticed.

Where You Would Wear This

You’re pretty much fully packed for Snowbombing 2019. You’ve got your novelty onsie (this year it’s Scooby Doo – classic you!). You’ve got your green Borat mankini. You’ve got eight polo shirts from Pretty Green, five pairs of virtually identical trainers, one pair of loafers and three different bottles of aftershave.

But you’ve read a rumour that Klaxons will be playing the Forest Stage this year and you want to show your Nu-Rave credentials and yet remain toasty when the Mayrhofen night draws in. All of a sudden, like a fluorescent bolt from the blue, it hits you like unemployment hit New Young Pony Club (no, we don’t remember them either). You reach for your O’Neill Hybrid Fleece, and your festival wardrobe is complete.

8) Finisterre 15 Years Arcus Hoody – £75

There’s something about the humble hoodie that screams surfing, so it would be amiss to not give a nod to one of our favourite British surf brands; Finisterre and their 15 Years Arcus hoodie. Made from 100 per cent organic cotton, it has a heavyweight, quality feel to it. When it’s on, you’ll notice the slightly dropped shoulder, which gives you added freedom of movement.

Where You Would Wear This

It’s June, and the early summer sun warms your skin as you sit outside Gusto in Newquay. Having spent the morning surfing waves you’ll later describe as being “only knee high” in a bid to hide the fact that they were kind of perfect, you feel you can justify eating your bodyweight in what’s called a salad but is effectively a Sunday roast with some rocket added. Dressed in your board shorts, flip-flops and Finisterre Arcus Hoodie, in your native Northampton you’d probably stand out, but today, you feel right at home. And in that fleeting moment, everything is alright with the world.

9) Lost Art Relax with Pepper LaGO Hoodie – £55

They may have changed their name to Useless Wooden Toys, but Liverpool based skate brand Lost Art are still producing quality garments under their old name, and have built a cult following in and out of skateboarding. This 100 per cent cotton hoodie is yet another superb offering from them. It’s durable enough to take a battering if you’re skating, and legit enough to lend you some credibility if you just want to look like you do.

Where You Would Wear This

In an office with no strict dress policy, you’re continually amazed why, day after day, everybody turns up dressed in shirts and trousers. These drones, sitting there typing away, all in their own unenforced uniform. But not you. You can’t be tamed by conformity. You know who you are. You’re an individual. But one day, in walks a new member of staff – a transfer from the Swindon branch. Like a beacon of fellowship and understanding, they’re in jeans and a white Lost Art hoodie. You exchange a knowing look. They are kin. Family. Suddenly, this hostile world feels a little bit more like home.

10) Vans Versa Hoodie – £60

There can be no list of hoodies without a mention of Vans, and by Cribbins, we’ve saved a good one. The Vans Versa Hoodie is made from a fabric blend that’s warm, comfortable, and as tough as a tank. It’s also made from something Vans calls StormCotton, a hydrophobic shield that stops moisture soaking into the hoodie. Basically, this hoodie is a go anywhere, do anything animal, and we love it.

Where You Would Wear This

It’s for others to question why, as a fully grown adult, you spend you Sunday afternoons in a largely abandoned supermarket car park. But as they look on in bemusement, you’re secure in the knowledge that they’ll never know the joy of sessioning the brick bank near the kebab shop or the kerbs by the Mother And Child parking. Winter is drawing in, and the evenings are starting to get cold, but you’re fully prepared. You dig out your Vans Versa Hoodie from your backpack, and you’ve got another three hours of skating left before it gets too dark and too cold.

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