The Top 10 edits from a Week of Action Sports #2

Insane avalanche escape, the skier vs snowboarder war returns and how NOT to park a boat!

New iOS7? GTA V? They can both piss off. Ok, fair enough, we have both of those things already and we’re fans of both but that means nothing in the world of action sports. So much so that we’re still here delivering you the top 10 edits of the week in this tasty bite-sized format.

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Don’t forget that you have to click on the images to watch the videos. It’s very straightforward.

1. Epic Avalanche Escape
Epic Avalanche Escape

2. Crashes are painful but entertaining

Lapierre - MTB Crash

3. Snowmobiles and bras – the obvious choice

Bra snowmobile riders

4. When girls, skiing and swimming pools fit just right

Krom Wars

5. The skier vs snowboarder battle – we thought the war was over!

Skier vs Snowbaorder

6. Amazing GoPro footage from Nine Knights

Nine Knights GoPro footage

7. One of the world’s best skiers, Bobby Brown, goes HUGE!

Bobby Brown

8. Full, amazing, insane highlights of the Hafjell stop for the MTB World Cup

DirtTV: Hafjell Finals

9. The Mad Hueys teach you how NOT to park a boat… funny though

How NOT to park a boat

10. Chris Grenier is the most entertaining snowboarder on and off a snowboard

Chris Grenier

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