Tim Knoll: 10 Tricks from a Mindblowing BMX Visionary

Gifs that will raise the eyebrows

Tim knoll is a freestyle BMX innovator whose talents on a bike are so unique his online videos have achieved over 8 million combined views.

Tim’s approach to flatground BMX totally redefines the activity and his insane footage awakens the possibilites of new tricks for other riders.

Here are 10 of his finest tricks:

10. Straight Up Back Flip

9. Front Flip Dip

8. BMX Pole Swing

7. Wooden Pallet Flip

6. Slam Dunk

5. Swapping Bikes

4. Back Peg Flip

3. Unicycle Pirouette

2. Upside Down Bike

1. Bike Limbo

Watch 1:26 of Tim Knoll Goodness Here:

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