This weekend more than 50,000 spectators flocked to the Olympic Park in Munich, to watch the Munich Mash - an incredible mix of mountain biking, BMX and Motocross competition.

The final event of the weekend, the Swatch Prime Line, saw a whole host of the world's best freestyle mountainbikers going head to head on a course that has a claim to be one of the craziest ever, featuring the first ever full, 360 loop on a competition course.

While people have done full-loops several times on bikes before, the obstacle was still pretty gnarly - the UK's Sam Pilgrim for one wasn't too keen on hitting it, as he explains to our German colleagues here:

His reluctance to ride the thing all the way may have cost Sam slightly, because in the end he finished just behind Frenchman Louis Reboul.

Whether or not loops are going to be a regular feature of mountain bike slopestyle courses in future remains to be seen...

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