5 Reasons Why You Should Dive In The UK

Scuba diving in the UK is way better than you think. Here's some of our favourite things about it

We have a lot of love for scuba diving in the UK, but when you mention it to the warm water divers they react like you’ve told them to jump in a septic tank. Many divers have the misconception that UK waters are dark, cold, and empty but if it’s those things that are stopping you then you’re diving in the wrong places quite frankly. There is a magnitude of things to see down there in our waters with some stunning visibility to explore.

More often than not, British divers will learn their craft in UK waters before going on to the more tropical seas. We know British water can’t compete with the turquoise tranquillity of the Caribbean, but there are still some great reasons why you should dive in them.

Here are five reasons why you should give scuba diving in the UK a go.

Local Dive Shops

Going abroad may seem like a distant memory, but it will soon be an option again. But remember, most of the money you do spend when travelling overseas goes to the fat cat who owns the airline.

What we’re trying to say is that it’s great to support local British dive centres and dive shops. Paying for dive trips and buying diving gear from local shops directly supports the British diving industry and the people who work within it.

Without any of that, dive shops would struggle to survive and end up sinking from our shorelines. In turn, this would leave you with fewer places to get diving equipment and air fills. It would also mean less places where you can learn how to dive.

Making diving a bigger industry in the UK can also have a positive effect on the environment. One of the largest sectors of local diving is ghost gear recovery. Statistics are showing that divers who continue to dive tend to keep doing it to help recover ghost gear. Joining a dive team to help clean up our waters is a great way to give back and make an ecological difference.

We Have Better Boats

A lot of diving boats in the UK are equipped with an electric platform that you stand on as it lifts you out of the water and level with the deck; allowing you to walk out of the water directly onto your dive boat. This style of boat exit seems to be much more of a thing in the UK. When you’re wearing twins, in particular, it’s a very civilised way to get in and out of the water from a relatively small boat.

Plenty of our dive boats are converted fishing vessels. They’re relatively tiny but have everything you could ever need. Most importantly, they’ve got that cool lift thing built-in.

At the end of your dive, you swim to the back of the boat and stand on a metal mesh platform, grab hold of the rails and look up. The boat skipper will then push a button that lifts the platform. No hassle of taking kit off or struggling to pull yourself up. You just get lifted up and think about the great dive you just experienced. Plus, after your dive, some diving schools will give you a tea, coffee, or a Cornish pasty (depending on your dive location).

Different Marine Life

British marine life is very different from tropical waters. You have plenty to see if you just take the time to look about.

We have everything from tiny nudibranchs to basking sharks. In fact, coral reefs can be found here in the UK, but most people don’t believe it as they can’t understand how coral can survive outside of the tropics. If you want to see some truly amazing colourful marine life, then British waters are a great port of call.

The aquatic life is a bit more fun too. Most fish in the tropics will do their typical fish thing and swim away if you get too close. But, the crabs and lobsters who reside in UK waters have some real, let’s call it, ‘character’. If you get too close to them, they’ll let you know about it.

Be sure to watch out for those pinchers.

Closer To Home

As the world closes its borders due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s going to be a whole lot easier to get to a dive site in your home country. You don’t need to pack light or pay for extra baggage allowance when you’re driving your own car. You never need to worry about passports, VISAs, airport baggage handlers, or exchanging currency. If the weather isn’t on your side, then you can resort to an inland dive site. We have plenty of great diving lakes with things to see and do underwater dotted all over the country.

One of the best things about diving at home is that at the end of the day, you can go back to your humble abode with your own shower and a warm bed to relax in.

See Some Ship Wrecks

The United Kingdom has been fairly active on the seven seas over the past few centuries, and that means lots of forgotten ships and boats can be found around our waters. Shipwrecks can be relatively easy to find, and we have plenty to explore.

You’ll find that shipwrecks are social hubs for marine life. Exploring shipwrecks underwater is an unforgettable experience. Essentially you’re diving through history and seeing things first-hand that very few people will ever get the chance to witness.


As you can see, diving here in the UK really isn’t that bad as so many people think it is. If you’re on the look out for some new scuba equipment, then be sure to head on over to Simply Scuba.

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