You were the first of your mates to have one...

Every item of headwear you own has a GoPro mount stuck to it



You spend more time adjusting the angle...

... fiddling with the buttons...

... and editing the footage...

... than actually doing your sport

Lending your GoPro out is a physically painful experience


... despite the fact that you have a spare one at home


You spend more money on your GoPro than your skis/board/bike (delete as appropriate)

go pro accessories

go pro accessories

You can't believe anyone would suggest buying a headcam that isn't a GoPro



You get more excited about nailing some epic footage than stomping a backside 3


When you crash, your first thought is always "WHY WASN'T THE GOPRO ON!"

... but when someone else crashes and you remembered to press record

It's your lifelong goal to make Video of the Day


You start having heart palpitations when a new accessory comes out

Water droplets make your blood boil

As does leaving your memory card at home

Because everything must be captured on film...

Especially sunsets

After all, what would life be like without GoPros?



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