"It's like the X Games or skateboarding was 20 years ago." "Right now there's a whole subculture that's growing."

"We have professionals that we like, sponsor. [This guy] is probably the heaviest hitter in the world right now." "We just try to have a bit of style with it."

You'd think, to read these quotes, that people were talking about the latest crazy action sport. Pogo kite surfing perhaps. Or aggressive inline wave-sticking. But in fact they're all talking about smoking.

"It's basically competitive stoning."

In the US it seems, a culture of competition is fast growing around "vaping" - the alternative way to "smoke" weed or tobacco that's exploded in recent years.

People customise their own "vape pens", and compete to see who can blow the biggest clouds. Yep, it's basically competitive stoning.

Every teenager knows that blowing big smoke rings is impressive. But surely even for Americans, this is taking it a bit too far?

What's next, competitive eating? Computer gaming in the X Games? Competitive pint downing? Oh wait, all those things have already happened...

What do you think - is this the new skateboarding? Can you see this catching on?

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