Gifts For Skiers | The Best Things To Buy Someone Who Loves Skiing

Not sure what to buy the skier in your life? Here's some very good gift ideas for skiers

Coming up with Christmas Gift Ideas for Skiers in 2024, especially those skiers who live and breathe skiing, isn’t always easy. There’s so much ski gear to choose from these days, and it can be difficult to know what they’ll like and what they won’t. To help you make a decision on what to get the special skier in your life, we’ve rounded up some great gift ideas for skiers. From ski helmets and ski mitts to action cameras and knitwear, we’ve curated this selection in a bid to take the stress out of purchasing Christmas and birthday presents.

We know that everyone who’s potentially buying someone a ski gift will be on a different budget and so, with that at the forefront of our thinking, we’ve compiled a list made up of products at very different price points. Here you’ll find everything from ski gifts under £10 to ski gifts worth hundreds of pounds. Whatever your budget, you’re sure to find the perfect ski gift in this buyer’s guide.


Best Gifts For Skiers

Db The Strøm 30L Backpack

Price: £165 / €209 / $219


Just like with DB’s Snowroller bags, the Strøm features a ‘Rib Cage’ construction that provides protection for your valuables while also keeping weight to a minimum. If the skier you’re buying a gift for is still carrying their kit around in a glorified bin bag they purchased over a decade ago, now might be the time to treat them to a product like this. Founded by engineer Trus Brataas and pro skier Jon Olsson, DB (formerly known as ‘Douchebags’) know a thing or two about producing well-designed ski luggage. This backpack takes what DB does so well with their excellent travel ski bags, and shrinks it down into a smaller gear-transporting option. It’s a tried and tested formula, one that’s resulted – in this case – in a great gift for skiers. 

Read our review of the Db The Strøm 30L backpack.

Darn Tough Pennant Ski Socks

Price: £26 / $28


Who makes the best socks for skiing? It’s a big question that many different people will inevitably answer in very different ways. As far as we’re concerned though, nobody makes ski socks quite like the Vermont-based brand Darn Tough. Buy someone a pair of Pennant Ski Socks from Darn Tough, and they’ll send you thank you messages throughout the season. These socks are supportive, durable, odour-resistant and look incredibly snazzy. Socks always make a great gift for skiers, don’t they? This product is no different, in that respect. 

Read our review of the Darn Tough Pennant Ski Socks.

SunGod Vanguard Goggles

Price: £114


The SunGod Vanguard Goggles represent top-level sun protection in an affordable package. They’re relatively affordable, when compared to some of the pricier rival options, and deliver a reassuring sense of eye protection for the wearer. This limited edition POW (Protect Our Winters) version is a great way for the recipient to fly the flag for an essential environmental charity. Speaking of environmental stewardship, you’ll be glad to hear that SunGod is a fully carbon neutral brand. 

Read our review of the SunGod Vanguard POW Goggles.

Issue 3 of Mpora Magazine

Price: £6.99


Back in 2021, we started doing print for the first time. Issue 3 of our paper magazine is packed full of glossy longform ski adventure stories. Inside it, you’ll read words about skiing that might just inspire new and unique journeys in the mountains. You will also find photos of skiers doing their thing that are so powerful you’ll be unable to look away. We’re biased, of course, but we think that cover shot featuring Sam Anthamatten would look dreamy on any skier’s coffee table.

MountainFlow Plant-Based Wax Kit

Price: £14 / $16


Founded in 2016, MountainFlow’s mission from the start was to improve the skiing experience without introducing toxic chemicals to mountain environments. The problem with normal wax is that, more often than not, it’s made using nasty PFCs. When this gets rubbed off the base of your ski, it can cause damage to local ecosystems (something which no skiers should want). MountainFlow set about shunning the use of PFCs and creating this product here. It’s a fully plant-based wax that works well. 

Mons Royale Yotei Base Layers

Price: £100 (£60 on Surfdome) / €110


New Zealand brand Mons Royale are the masters of merino wool. The Yotei Base Layers offer fantastic warmth and comfort, and are ideal for a variety of activities (including skiing). Hamish and Hannah Acland – the founders of Mons Royale – have a background as both professional skiers and clothing designers. In terms of useful experience for creating sustainable apparel for outdoor usage, we think you’ll agree that Hamish and Hannah are building on solid foundations. The quality base layers these guys produce are made from 100% merino wool; a material that’s sourced from sheep near the Mons Royale HQ in Wanaka, New Zealand.

GoPro Hero10 Action Camera

Price: £350 (with a one-year GoPro subscription)


There’s so many action cameras around these days that it can, if you are treating a skier to a bit of tech, be difficult to know where to start. To any people struggling to make a decision, we’ll always be confident pointing you in the direction of GoPro. The GoPro Hero10 serves up high resolution images, and is impressively compact and durable. Even now, many years on from their arrival on the action sports scene, the kings of action cameras continue to deliver the goods. You can’t go wrong with this one.

DJI Action 2 Action Camera

Price: £349


Just because we’re always singing the praises of GoPro doesn’t mean we think there aren’t a bunch of great alternatives out there. Take DJI and their Action 2 Action Camera, for example. It’s a versatile, intuitive and clever bit of tech. Extremely versatile and capable of getting a wide range of shots, this product’s modular design and clever magnetic mounting system really catches the eye from the get go. Put together in a reassuringly durable manner, there’s a wide FOV and precise stabilisation on offer here that will have resort skiers grinning from ear to ear.

Insta360 One X2 Action Camera

Price: £430


A pricey option, make no mistake, but one that justifies its fee with its fantastic image quality and stabilisation. Intelligent, versatile and powerful in equal measure; if you’re looking to treat a lucky skier to a 360 action camera this winter, you might as well stop the search now and get them this one. Put together by a brand that bleeds 360 cameras, the One X2 produces some of the best 360 footage we’ve ever come across. Offering top of the line visuals in a tiny, highly packable, build, what’s not to like?

Barts Neck Gaiter

Price: £15


Neck gaiters always make great stocking fillers for skiers. They’re that perfect blend of thoughtful (‘I don’t want you to be cold’) and affordable. This one from Barts is a properly stretchy turtleneck, made from Polyester. The dip dye look is, we think you’ll agree, super funky and the product can be worn in several ways. This winter, give the skier in your life the gift of a warm neck.

Stance Homer Snow Socks

Price: £23


It’s that iconic moment in The Simpsons which went onto become an iconic meme, represented on a pair of awesome Stance snow socks. What more exactly do you need to know? Other than how much? And, where can I buy some? Made with a poly blend and rocking medium cushioning, these socks deliver enhanced airflow and will protect the most sensitive parts of the wearer’s feet from annoying boot rub. Sometimes comedy gifts don’t deliver on performance, and vice versa. These incredible socks, you’ll be glad to know, manage to deliver on both fronts.

Airhole Airtube Ergo Polar Snow Face Mask

Price: £29


We’re big fans of this snow face mask. It’s got ‘good ski gift’ written all over it. Made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex, it’s great at repelling water and drying quickly (there’s a DWR coating for water resistance). This product offers excellent UPF 50+ sun protection, and will keep the wearer warm on the hill this winter. A multi-functional and versatile design, one that comes in an array of patterns and colours, any skier worth their salt would be happy getting this.

Armada Harken Balaclava

Price: £25


In the early 2000s, a new generation of Stateside skiers were busy rethinking what the sport of skiing could be. They took influence from the sideways sports of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding, and set about bringing creativity to an industry bogged down in the rigid setup of alpine racing. This led to the creation of Armada in 2002. Twenty years later, the brand which Tanner Hall helped to start is fully established as one of the world’s coolest ski brands. The Armada Harken Balaclava is one size fits all, offers full face coverage, has four-way stretch and is quick drying. We’re certain the skier in your life will appreciate it. 

Fjallraven Tab Beanie

Price: £35


Nothing says ‘have a cosy winter’ quite like a knitted beanie from Swedish brand Fjällräven. The Tab Beanie comes with a classy waffle-knit design, and has an incredibly soft and comfortable feel. It’s moisture-wicking, quick-drying, made from recycled polyester and scores 10/10 for style. Consider this an ideal present for ski hipster types who like to prop up the resort bar, and regale people with their stories of backcountry adventures in far flung destinations. 

Dakine Deluxe Tuning Kit

Price: £72


Buying someone tools for a Christmas or birthday present might be something of a curveball, but serious skiers who have their own kit and are serious about looking after it will love this. The Dakine Deluxe Tuning Kit has all the essentials you need to tune your skis or snowboard, and ensure everything’s ready for some serious time on snow. 

‘Around The World In 50 Slopes’ By Patrick Thorne

Price: £17 


Veteran ski journalist Patrick Throne has travelled the world, and skied the planet’s bucket list destinations. In this book, he shares stories behind 50 unique ski runs. Some of the runs he looks at you’ll probably have heard of, others will almost certainly take you by surprise. Inside, you’ll find a debate around what actually is the world’s steepest slope, a look at two Alpine ski areas that claim to be Hannibal and his elephants’ mountain route, and stories of smugglers using ski runs to evade customs. The book contains skiing adventures in Europe, North America and South America. It also takes readers to destinations including China, Iran and North Korea. Containing practical information and trail maps, the skier in your life will love receiving this. 

Izipizi Glacier Sunglasses

Price: £60 / €60 / $80


If the skier you’re buying a gift for fancies themselves as the next James Bond, you could do a lot worse than buying them these stylish sunglasses from Izipizi. They offer category 4 protection, which means they’re ideal for use in extreme sun conditions where high glare or intense sunlight is a factor. Any skiers who likes heading out and touring above the clouds from sunrise to sunset will appreciate this level of protection in their eyewear. The sunglasses are also nicely affordable and, as alluded to already, are guaranteed to make anyone who wears them look like 007 on an alpine mission.

Read our review of the Izipizi Glacier Sunglasses.

Black Diamond Cirque 22 Ski Vest

Price: £140 / 150€ / $180


This brilliant backpack from Black Diamond has been made for skiers who like to move quickly through the mountains. It’s lightweight, durable, and streamlined for fast and light touring missions. Clearly inspired by their own trail running packs, Black Diamond have implemented vest-style shoulder straps here. This carry system helps to spread the load nicely, and comes with hydration flask and energy bar holders for on-the-go fuelling. If the skier you’re buying for needs a new backpack, this item’s a safe bet.

Read our review of the Black Diamond Cirque 22 Ski Vest.

Db The Djärv Snowroller Ski Bag

Price: £259 / €299/ $299


The greatest ski bag of all time has a (relatively) new name, but the same genius design. This award-winning ski and snowboard travel bag has arguably never been bettered. The patented Rib Cage construction is one of the most reassuring things we’ve ever come across, meaning you can stow ski equipment in the bag without worrying that it will all get damaged in transit. Much like a human rib cage does with your vital organs, this bag protects ski gear as if its life depended on it.

If you’re going to buy someone a ski bag, buy them this ski bag from Db.

Read our review of The Djärv Snowroller Ski Bag.

Oakley Mod 1 Pro Ski Helmet

Price: £100


We chose the Oakley Mod 1 Pro Ski Helmet in our roundup of the best ski helmets. Why do we like it so much? Ultimately, it boils down to the MIPS Brain Protection System. It’s a low-friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion that can be transferred to the wearer during an impact. The MIPS Brain Protection System gives the helmet a reassuring quality that some cheaper, more basic, lid options don’t possess. Help to keep a skier safe this winter by buying them this excellent ski helmet from Oakley.

Read our review of the Oakley Mod 1 Pro Ski Helmet

Black Diamond Spark Johnny Ski Mitt

Price: £80 / €80 / $100


A standout product in our guide to the best ski mitts, these technical Black Diamond mitts have been designed by Johnny Collinson (aka the skier everyone wishes they could be). An excellent, durable, product that will will keep skiers hands warm and dry when they’re out exploring the mountains in winter.

Read our review of the Black Diamond Spark Johnny Ski Mitt.

Patagonia Brodeo Beanie

Price: £35


Skiers the world over will tell you there’s no such thing as owning too many beanies. You might think the skier you’re buying a gift for couldn’t possibly want another hat this year, but you’d actually be wrong. The Patagonia Brodeo Beanie is made from wool and recycled nylon. It’s also Fairtrade-certified so you can rest easy knowing the present you’ve just bought someone hasn’t seen anyone in the production chain be exploited. Final thing to say about this product, we like the little mountain picture.

POW UK x Planks x Pisteurs Beanie

Price: £25


Protect Our Winters UK are on the frontline when it comes to battling the climate emergency. The group know that we need to take serious, radical, environmental action. If we fail to do this, it’s not just skiing and snowboarding that will face an existential threat from rising global temperatures but humanity itself.

This collaborative low-profile beanie, made in association with Pisteurs and Planks, is an item we’re more than happy to shout about. On paper, this is just a hat but it actually represents so much more than your standard hat. Supporting good causes is a good thing to do. Support good causes.

Stance Traditions Snow Socks

Price: £17


When it comes to making good socks, Stance are widely hyped and justifiably so. They’re masters at cooking up cool-looking socks that won’t let you down. The headline act here is the Feel360 construction. It’s a construction that focuses on keeping things fresh, dry, and durable.

The socks have been through a silver iron treatment that eliminates bacteria and prevents the build up of odours. The wicking materials used here draw moisture away from your skin to help regulate your temperature, and keep things comfortable.

There’s a bunch more things we could shout about here but, rest assured, the socks are as technical as they are stylish. Clever cushioning layouts, performance mesh to enhance airflow, anatomical left and right foot shaping – these socks have got all that, and much, much, more. Stance deliver on quality.

‘Aspen Style’ By Aerin Lauder / Assouline

Price: €95


One of the nicest looking coffee table books about skiing is ‘Aspen Style’ by Aerin Lauder (published by Assouline). Across the course of 272 pages, this hardcover book celebrates the glamour, the working-class history, and the beauty of the legendary ski town’s surrounding landscape. If your knowledge of Aspen is based entirely on its role in the 1994 film ‘Dumb and Dumber’, then this will be a particularly enlightening book to work your way through.

‘The Man Behind The Maps’ By James Niehues

Price: $99


James Niehues is the man behind the creation of countless ski maps around the world – from North America, South America, Europe, Asia  and Australia. Wherever you do your shredding, there’s a good chance you’ve ogled his artistic creations. In an increasingly digital era, Niehues could quite possibly be the last of the great mapmakers.

This nearly 300-page book showcases a process in which he first captures aerial shots and then explores the mountain himself before painstakingly illustrating every run, chairlift, tree and cliff band by hand.

Planks Peace Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Price: £35


Drop cliffs, not bombs. This long-sleeve t-shirt from the team at Planks is all about celebrating peace over war, all about sending it on skis and spreading good vibes, love, and understanding. It’s made from heavyweight cotton and recycled polyester.

Original Ski Posters

Price: From £135


Looking to get the skier in your life something nice that they can hang up on a wall of their choosing? Be sure to pay a visit to They stock a bunch of very cool, highly sought-after, retro skiing posters and prints. The replica print options are cheaper, of course, and available in different sizes. The original posters, meanwhile, are naturally a bit more pricey. If there’s a ski resort that means a lot to someone, getting them a historic poster from this website could be a really thoughtful way to go.

SIGG Meridian Water Bottle (0.5 L)

Price: £30


When it comes to making water bottles, SIGG are the best in the business. The Meridian Water Bottle is totally leakproof, has equally impressive hot and cold insulation properties, and is BPA-Free. The bottle is double-walled, vacuum insulated, and copper plated (on the inside). This is what ensures it keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold. The top of the bottle is stainless steel, and complemented by a fine bamboo application. Swiss design, Swiss quality; this bottle works well as a sustainably-minded gift. Enough with the plastic bottles already.

Hydro Flask Wine Bottle

Price: £40


Hydro Flask do a wide range of high quality insulated water bottles to keep you hydrated on all manner of adventures. For this guide to the best gifts for skiers however, we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on their 739ml wine bottle. It can hold an entire bottle of wine, and features TempShield double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your favourite wine at the perfect temperature. The fact it’s made from durable pro-grade stainless steel means it won’t retain the lingering flavours from last week’s Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

With winter adventures very much in mind, the Hydro Flask Wine Bottle is ideally suited for hot drinks as well – meaning a skier can pop a warmed mulled wine in there in the morning and then share it with some friends on the slopes later that day.

To really top this gift off, consider throwing in a Hydro Flask Wine Tumbler or two.

Powderhound Ski Mug

Price: £16


Designed in London, decorated in Stoke-on-Trent, the mugs created by Powderhound are some of the the coolest mountain-themed mugs we’ve ever seen.  We’ve included their ski touring design in the image above but Powderhound do a type of mug to suit every kind of skier and snowboarder. Hot chocolate tastes better when it’s coming out of a mug like this. It’s science.

TOKO Express Pocket

Price: £14


A universal liquid wax for all types of snow and temperatures might not sound like the most thrilling gift, but any skier worth their salt is sure to appreciate it. This natural enhancer and improver of a ski’s sliding properties is easy to apply, and will help a skier care for the base of their planks. A comfortable pocket size for those who want to wax on the move, and PFC Free to boot, this TOKO product is great.

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