19 Beach Puns That Deserve A Sanding Ovation

Clap your sands together and give these beach puns a round of applause

You Have To Sand It To Us These Beach Puns Are Very Good

Think of a subject and it’s likely we’ve compiled a collection of puns around that subject. Surfing puns, skiing puns, climbing puns, camping puns, cycling puns, mountain biking puns, yoga puns, travel puns; you name it, we’ll pun it. Pun it hard. And so, with that in mind, look no further than our collection of outsanding beach puns (outsanding, as in… err… outstanding).

1) Jay-Z has more sand than he knows what to do with. He’s got 99 problems but a beach ain’t one

2) Went to the beach and sculpted a Ford Mondeo with turrets. Made a tidy profit on it. Sand car sells

3) Asked the barman for a lager sandy. Ended up with an entire beach in my Carlsberg

4) Had a neck and neck race with some water on a beach. Tide

5) How do beaches greet each other? With a ‘sandshake’

6) What’s the sandiest fruit? Copacabanana

7) Dido once put an entire beach in her mouth. She’s still got sand in her chews

8) A fringe of land at the end of a large body of water came up to me at a party and introduced itself as Dave. I said “Are you shore?”

9) Hear about the incredibly confident bit of land that met the sea. It was 100% shore about everything

10) Hear about the bit of land near the sea that couldn’t make a decision. It wasn’t so shore

11) Seen that coming-of-age film about four sea turtles who go off to find a dead sea turtle? It’s called ‘Sand by Me’

12) A big pile of sand stood up at my wedding and asked everyone to raise a glass. Best man’s beach

13) Some bales started running very slowly towards me on a beach. Haywatch

14) You have to sand it to them. Beaches are really good

15) I knew an actor who’d only perform on beaches. He lived for the sanding ovations

16) Knew a sea mollusc that didn’t like sharing. It was very shellfish

17) The beach party was wild, noisy, and out of control. It was sandemonium

18) Hear about the world’s oldest surfer. He had one foot in the gwave

19) What did the highwayman say when he stole an entire beach? “Sand and deliver”

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