Screen Shot: YouTube.

There was a moment during this video, about midway through, when Mpora surprised  even themselves by shouting the following sentences at the screen:

"Duuuuuuude! Do you not value your own arms? Do you want to get them bitten off by a great white shark?! Is that what you want? Is it? Because if you keep putting your arms into the water that's exactly what'll happen. Yes, the footage your getting is pretty cool, but it's not worth losing your arms for."

"It's basically an old fashioned all-you-can-eat buffet, where the only animal with a plate…is the shark."

Needless to say, this took our numerous office companions by surprise. But, you know, sometimes these things just need to be said...out a room full of people.

It was then that we realised the footage was shot using some sort of stick-attachment on the action camera. Did we then feel a bit embarrassed about voicing our fears out loud? Yes. Yes, we did.

The great white shark, who clearly has more than a passing interest in boat motors, eventually gets bored of swimming near Duncan Arms (or whatever his name is) and starts feasting on a big whale carcass. It's basically an old fashioned all-you-can-eat buffet, where the only animal with a the shark.

Michael Miale, which is Duncan Arms real name, and his friends came across the whale carcass 45 miles south of Long Beach, New York. According to comments they've made to the press, there was actually more than one shark swimming around the whale. They've also stated that the one in the video was easily the biggest.

Screen Shot: YouTube.

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