The Social Risks of Scuba Diving

Scuba diving presents many risks when you’re in the water, but what about out of it? Here’s some social risks you’ll face when becoming a scuba diver

The risks of scuba diving are ever-present, and many dangers face you when you willingly find yourself deep down in the waters. We all know about the scary risks like the bends or fish with pointy bits will always be around lurking in the darkness, but what are the risks that nobody tells you about? Like how diving can change you and transform your life in an instant. We bet you weren’t aware of those. Here are the six social risks of scuba diving.

Your Avatar

The first risk, or at least the thing that will usually change first, is your social media picture. People usually identify quite strongly as scuba divers because they find themselves inducted into an elite group and naturally want to advertise that fact.

We guarantee, the first time one of your mates snaps a picture of you underwater, it will become your profile picture. You might even have one of those fancy waterproof cameras and decide to take a scuba selfie. The more scuba enthusiasts you meet, the more you’ll start to notice this trait. And if it just so happens that all your online friends are scuba divers, then you should be very much used to seeing the deep blue on your timeline

Love Of Boltsnaps

The love you’ll have for boltsnaps will be undying when you decide to take up diving. Scuba divers like to attach things to themselves so that they don’t disappear. If you don’t want to lose anything important, you clip it onto a D-ring; usually with a tried and tested boltsnap.

One thing you should know though is that there are boltsnaps, and then there are boltsnaps. Getting to know your equipment is half the battle, and you just can’t use any cheap boltsnap. You know the ones with a raspy action and a slightly bent hook. You’re a person with taste and thus need the very best in the business.


Nautical Things

Nautical things will soon become your ‘collection’. You’ll quickly start to fill the house with things that remind you of the ocean. Everything from those talking fish you can mount on the wall to cod-themed salt and pepper shakers. No room in the house is safe, and if you’re deep down the scuba diving rabbit hole you might even purchase a fish-themed tie for work. At this point, we can’t help you.

Diving Trips

You thought your holidays were safe? Think again. They will soon become scuba diving holidays where everything on the itinerary is built around diving. You won’t be diving just anywhere. No, you’ll be going to the obscure countries that you couldn’t locate on a map before becoming a fully-fledged scuba diver.

You’ll be such a scuba diver that it will start to feel strange when you go on a normal holiday. It will start to feel a bit weird not packing your fins in your suitcase.

Diver Locker

On top of nautical-themed decorations and items at home, you’ll probably now also have a corner of your house where you keep your dive kit. Honestly, you won’t be able to keep yourself from buying more and more.

Scuba diving gear isn’t particularly huge, but it does take up a certain amount of space in your home, and you’ll need to adapt your car to transport it to and from the dive site. Basically, once you become a scuba diver, you and your spaces will know about it.


Deeper Awareness

One final risk for a scuba diver is that you will have a more personal opinion or awareness of our marine ecosystem. Scuba divers tend to have a bigger affinity to the ocean and the problems that affect it because they see it first hand.

You’ll find that most people’s only experience of a coral reef is what they see on BBC Documentaries and Finding Nemo. But scuba divers see all the uncensored pollution in the ocean. Marine plastics, trash floating, coral bleaching, and diminishing numbers. As a scuba diver, you now care much more about the ocean and environment in general. It’s not a bad thing, but it will consume your thoughts and make you go towards eco-options in your life.


There it is. A few risks that you don’t tend to think about when you become a scuba diver. People often think about sharks and boats, but they don’t think about redecorating their entire house with fish furniture. If after reading this article you fancy a dive, then head on over to Simply Scuba to get some of the latest diving gear.

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